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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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awww DW am I hurting your feelings :(

damn man, I didn’t know I was hurting these poor DW troop’s feelings! I guess my recruiting bots sure tick them off!! DW troops are sooooo obsessed with me, they even talk about me all the time on their chat! It seems DW troops have caught the ”I can’t handle Waterkid trolling me” syndrome from Simi!!

It’s funny because I know for a fact whenever I type my name on xat.com/search there’s ALWAYS going to be that one kid who is so mad at me even though I don’t know them!! Awwww, it’s really cute how one guy and one army can make the whole community so butthurt AHAHAHAHA.

Elmikey umad?

fight le good fight!!!! xDDDDDDDDDD

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