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So it seems to be that RPF’s idiotic leader “Silverburg” has seemed to cut me on DW chat last night. Of course I found out by one of my good friends. Well Silverburg let me just cut you right back :).


First of all, how am I stupid?  I’m called stupid because I don’t lead a cp army as well as I should? You’re the stupid one here. You’re 19 years old and still playing club penguin along with your boy Elmikey LOL.  Want to know why I can’t lead for jack? Because i’m too busy having a life. I have school,exams,and job that i’m about to start soon. I can’t be worrying about a club penguin event that starts at 3 est. Nor can I be worrying about a idiot like you or a retarded army like RPF. My main goal is making money, not leading a army to a golden age. So don’t you dare call me stupid because take a look at yourself instead of living a life and making money you’re sitting behind at computer screen playing club penguin all day.


Please prove to me in every way how I am retarded. I’m retarded because I apparently can’t lead for jack? Listen man I think i’m just gonna repeat what I just said. First of all i’m doing more than you probably ever did at 16. I’m focused on my social life and personal life right now. I am preparing for college, yes that’s two years away for me but it comes fast. I am taking honor courses next year and already have a bunch of summer homework. I am also starting a job on top of that to make money even though i’m already more rich than you’ll ever be.  Now you on the other hand, you’re like what 19? Going on to be 20? Instead of trying to be as successful as i’m trying to be , you’re wasting your life away sitting behind a computer screen all day talking to underage kids. Oh and let’s not forget you’re playing club penguin too. Now let’s also  not forget club penguin is really for 10 year olds. You’re about to be 20. That’s a 10 year age difference. Now I know that myself and a bunch others are at fault too for still playing club penguin, but most of us are already gone by 19. Grow the hell up and go get a social life. Oh and don’t forget to go to college as well. You need to get a job before it’s to late. It would suck to be graduating college with no money,no important degrees and having no job. You need to be focusing on that at 19 instead of a club penguin armies. Man it would suck for you to be 21, instead of being successful you’ll still be where you are today. Sitting behind a computer screen playing club penguin. Cause I know when i’m 21, i’ll be rich and more successful than almost anyone in armies. Are you really proud that in some armies you got the title legend or you’ve been nominated as a legend by cpac? Well if that happened too me the first thing i’d say to myself would be “Well this is embarassing”. Yeah I would say those exact same words. I wouldn’t be proud of it at all lolol. To earn legend in club penguin armies isn’t like earning legend in all these job careers such as acting or major league baseball or basketball. That’s nothing compared to those.


Now to finish off this whole post about how I just cut your ass. I’m way to busy irl to lead right now. This has been one of the worst years of my life due to a family death. I already told you about how i’m trying to be successful already at 16 so I could support my family. Yes, i’m extremely wealthy and rich but I don’t stop from there. Instead I strive to keep going further and further to become even more rich and successful than I already am. When I personally solo led LT, I did the very best I could. I solo led LT to third on cpac. I know that isn’t a huge achievement but hey it’s better than 10th on cpac. I kept LT maxing 20-25 constant during a extremely busy time period and I never gave up. If I really no life’d it. I could probably get 50+ on my own any time I wanted to, but thats not the case. Like I said numerous times i’m more focused on life. It all really matters about having fun. Some of you guys take cp armies like a professional sport, honestly. I don’t think anyone really ever got to see me solo lead. I’ve been switching leadership positions on and off all year. I never lead for a long period of time. I wasn’t doing so bad. I kept LT mainly in the top 5 under my solo leadership. Most people lead as a duo or trio with some people and get 1st on cpac or in the top 3. I solo lead LT to the top 3rd all alone with other owners. So don’t call me a bad leader because I do know what the hell i’m doing, I just don’t have the time for it. Now you may ask me why i’m still here and thats because i’ll still do my best as busy as I am. When I have time to lead events i’ll lead events and since its summer i’ll be more free than usual. Truly I never really was suppose to come out of retirement in february but since LT was in a bad state I returned and made it better than ever. Now silver I suggest you keep your mouth shut because LT is about to destroy RPF. Now before I start wasting too much time trash talking about you, i’m gonna go make some breakfast :).

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  1. yeeee rich homie matt

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