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How to DW!

Ever wondered how to make your army like the Dark Warriors and how they prepare their events getting their ”amazing” sizes on CP? Well read on as I have taken the time to make a step by step guide in how to be a DW leader!

Step 1)

You gotta hype the event. I mean, let’s face it, all DW does are training sessions. THEY’RE BORING! They know they will get like 25 on CP so they have to hype EVERY event, that includes training sessions!

Step 2)

Call your friend list! As we all know. DW’s troops are 80% friendlist, 10% CP recruits and 10% multi logs. Make sure you go on every army chat and add everyone you see. When your event is about to start, open up your friend list and call of those people!

Step 3)

Get help! DW can’t get 30+ without any help from other armies. They usually get moderators from allied armies to help them in events.

Step 4)

Make high unrealistic expectations! Yes, because DW can TOTALLY get 40 on CP even though they have 35 on chat! (that’s including my null too!)

Step 5)

Get army leaders! The Dark Warriors solely rely on other armies to help them in events to make themselves look good and claim the top spot on the CPAC Top Ten since that’s all they care about!

Step 6)

Make MORE unrealistic expectations!

Step 7)

And still get a whooping size of 25 on CP, despite the ”HYPE” !!!

Step 8)

Make an excuse so your ego doesn’t get ruined!


And that’s how you make your army like DW!

3 Responses

  1. LOL!!!😂 DW gets cut

  2. LMFAO!! DW got rekt!! xD

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