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Liberation of Ice Box (SUCCESS) – Comparing event to DW’s

So DW’s leader, XxToysoldier, crowned himself as the ”best leader of 2015” and ”legendary”. Despite the fact he got DW 70+ on CP due to hyping the event for 2 months and getting help from 60% of the community (man even ROBERTO was there at the event) he still thinks he’s some sort of legend, when in reality he was Mustapha10’s puppet in the Doritos army until he joined the Dark Warriors with Elmikey to make a name for himself.

DW leader Haroon had a retirement event at the same time as our liberation of Ice Box. Let’s compare, shall we? The ”#1 army” in comparison to the ”#4” army.


Dark Warriors… lol…..

The glorious Light Troops:

DW fails. Keep hyping your events with your ”Tank Era” BS. I can get higher sizes than you guys solo leading aha.

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