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Stupid BMA owner is stupid

12 months = 1 year

17 months = 1 year and 5 months

And you wonder why I never promoted you to 3ic in LT? I knew you were not loyal to me and you were an airhead. When BMA dies again you and the other noobs will be begging me to allow you back into the Yellow Reich.

13 Responses

  1. Wtf water seriously, i was loyal it was you all along, you never trusted me Don’t say crap that isn’t true because it isn’t when i first joined LT i admired you, i really did but crap like this made me hate you now you know why Cabin and i left LT i’m not the stupid one here, you are

    • I only posted this to show how stupid you are. If you were truly loyal to me or the Light Troops then you wouldn’t leave for an owner rank in a small army. You and your gang of disloyal noobs are banished from the Light Troops.

      • Do you really think i give a crap? now you know why people leave LT its because they cant stand you or they hate you, you got me pissed off right now water and like i said before you are the stupid one here i don’t even see why i admired you and why i thought you were a great leader. Lmao i wouldn’t be surprised if more people leave LT now. not my fault, it will be yours Just watch more people will leave LT then what will you do water?

      • If people leave LT then I will just replace them. Do you think I solely rely on my moderators? LT currently have no owners yet we’re still capable of getting 40+. This is only because of me. You guys left yet I just replaced you with CP recruits and made new moderators. I don’t need you guys.

      • You know what surprises me, people say you are a great leader when you are really not. Matt was the best leader in LT, Konrad was the best owner in LT, i can just go on about this admit it, i was a great mod in LT i never was abusive and i even banned those RPF idiots when people were AFK and who’s fault was no owners? you were. and i don’t think people would want moderator if they knew they weren’t going to be promoted.

      • If Konrad is such a great leader then I expect BMA to get sizes of 40+ when I declare war on you guys.

      • i didnt really leave for the ranks though.Just saying.

      • Konrad can be a better leader then you ever were, I know someone who has been in LT for a year also (not saying the name) and yet you didn’t promote her to mod. and i know there are more people in LT that haven’t been promoted as well.

      • Then they can go join BMA for their deserved rank.

      • Oh damn, i didnt know BMA revived. I did not rejoin BMA,lol

      • I don’t know what happened to you Water,picking on BMA. Another thing, declaring war on a new army.That’s just weak Water, weak indeed.

      • i want to be able to help LT in events

  2. y do you guys care about being promoted
    why is it different
    i dont care if i loose owner or something or mod idk
    being apart of a army is what counts armies bribe you to join with mods and owners but who cares it doesn’t mean nought

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