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Funniest army of the decade: DW

So some irrelevant DW mod/member likes to talk big about DW. LT is better than DW in every possible way. You guys always rely on your friendlist and spread out a lot on CP. Before a DW event all you guys say is HYPE and CALL YOUR FRIENDS. You guys are also multi logging faggots as you have more on CP than you do on chat, and we all know you guys aren’t a CP recruit based army like LT.

So ”Concho3001”, at least do something RELEVANT in armies before you go around acting like you’re some sort of significant figure in the Dark Warriors,

PS. Your roast posts gives me cancer, you’re more autistic than that Lemmy guy. The fact you try roast army leaders when no one knows you is just hilarious. Go be relevant in DW for once. 

8 Responses

  1. I’m lemmy is not weird, that conco guy is not weird and if DW are multilogging then I will leave. Also we have more people on CP sometimes because people go on the server and are like WHAT IS THIS? And I say ITS A BATTLE YOU IDIOT! Also yes. We hype. But not me TELL THAT TO TIRO DRAGON! I MEAN HE GOES CRAZY ON THE HYPING.

  2. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of July. Use this site to find links to other armies. Check out the R.I.P. page for armies that have fallen.

  3. Im hurt! DW

  4. sorry guys I was not there, Friday I was GOING to MD, I was there a full day on Saturday, and Sunday I was coming back from Maryland Ill catch up!

  5. I wonder why people now think calling a person “autistic” is an insult…

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