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Is LT legit? || HOW I GOT LT BIG

I want everyone in the army community to read this post.
I do not cheat.

So in the past months many armies have been exposed for multi logging. Two popular armies that are known for mass multi logging are SWAT & Doritos. Now, when LT got 60+ in their opening event everyone was quick to shout ”MULTI LOGS”. I guess I can understand their reaction, because they don’t know how I am getting LT these sizes. They just simply think I am bot recruiting. Wrong. I use many other recruiting methods, but I can assure you, I do NOT cheat.

Method 1) Bot Recruiting.

It’s no secret – I bot recruit. But why am I so successful at it? You all know Camelogical, right? Adam from Camelogical makes really good bot scripts and an activation script to automatically activate penguins. I used these scripts during the summer and LT got amazing sizes. What I did in the summer is no different – mass bot recruiting. The reason why armies that bot recruit don’t have the recruits LT does is due to many reasons. For starters, I bot recruit for HOURS. Whenever I’m online I bot recruit, even when I am afk, I bot recruit. With Adam’s script it’s very easy to bot recruit. I also have an activator so whenever my penguins get banned I just make 10 new ones and continue.

LT’s chat is also a friendly environment for recruits. LT chat is not a hangout chat for teenagers. I ban all non LT and just hire a couple of mods and owners. The new recruits just talk about Club Penguin on LT chat. Go on a null and watch LT chat before an event for your proof.

Method 2) REAL Membership codes.

The Light Troops use legit membership codes. I felt bad for lying about them in the summer, so Adam (very talented boy) had a membership generator and generated hundreds of LEGIT 1 week membership codes. I give these out after battles. It makes me feel good to see troops activate their membership codes. These troops STAY in the Light Troops and others do as well because they KNOW we give REAL membership codes. Lying to the troops isn’t going to make them stay in your army. Trust me, I learnt this in the summer.

Method 3). CPPSes.

The Light Troops have two CPPSes we advertise on: oldCP and Virtual Penguin. OldCP is owned by Damen and Virtual Penguin is owned by Camelogical. Roberto, LT legend, is a moderator on oldCP so he uses his moderator powers to advertise on the Light Troops, we’re pretty much the OFFICIAL army for oldCP, we’ve known them for over a year now! Some of you may know Virtual Penguin, that’s a CPPS owned by the other guy in Camelogical (Vex). He allows me to advertise the Light Troops and they use the LT chat as their official chat, so basically all their users are in the Light Troops by default. This increases the LT size by 20+ at least as they’re all desperate for memberships too

Those are my 3 methods I use to rise the Light Troops. I do NOT multi log. If I multi logged, would the Light Troops still get 3k+ views every single day? Would I record LT events? Would I be so happy and boast about LT’s size? Would I be able to null LT chat 60+ during an event? I don’t think so.

I am a legend for a reason.

~Waterkid101, Light Troops President

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  1. adam is the best !

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