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The story of jkgg2

On Wednesday I was preparing for the battle of Breeze. I was logging on 5 bar servers checking if my bots were still auto typing. On the server White Out at around 1pm GMT I saw the user ”Jkgg2”. She said it was her birthday. Being the troll I am I said ”no one cares” and we got into an argument on Club Penguin. I then used my auto typing bots to switch their lines to ”NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY” which made her laugh. I then tried telling her to meet me on ”pirate club penguin” and to look them up, but she didn’t come on the chat that day.

This morning I was surprised as I got a PC from her on the LT chat. She told me she kept seeing our auto typers on Club Penguin so she just looked us up to see what we were like. To apologize for my behaviour yesterday I gave her a free membership code.

Happy birthday Jkgg22

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  2. rofl

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