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Bless up DCP

don’t read this.

Wow, Doritos. I have never met a bunch of people who take armies as serious as you guys. Alright, so this is the story. The Light Troops declare war on DCP because we want an army to fight. Mustapha10, DCP leader, gets angry because we’ll easy defeat his army of multi logs so he:

  1. Sends bots to try ruin LT’s events
  2. Goes on 100s of nulls on LT chat to spread lies
  3. Uses a crappy xat bot raid to try raid our chat
  4. Sending weak threats about getting rid of my CP bots

Man, I never knew this kid took armies this serious. I’m just chilling, leading the Light Troops in an event, and this kid goes out of his way to do ALL of this. Why so mad bro? It’s not just Mustapha, though! His little owner squad of multi loggers also participate in this because they’re so mad we declared war on them. It’s funny, because Apollo hated Badboy and Badboy hated Sprite & Trader and they all called each other out for multi logging (turned out they ALL multi logged), it’s no surprise we see all the exposed multi loggers in the DCP!

But just so you guys know WHY these kids take this game so damn seriously, let me just show you how they look and you will understand why they’re so passionate about Club Penguin armies and making their multi log army number one!

This is Mustapha10, the DCP leader. Look at how he’s biting his lip for this picture, makes him look 100% more sexy!

Now this is Mustapha10 and his famous parrot. Legend has it that his parrot multi logs 25 troops for DCP!


This is Badboy, another DCP leader. I like to call him a somalian because he looks like one. Look at that smile he has on that face. He just came out of a SWAT event multi logging 30 penguins, he is very proud of himself. He is waiting for Ganger90 to destroy his anus as he always does after a SWAT event.


This is Apollo, a DCP owner. He’s fat. And gay. That’s pretty much it.


And this is Sprite….. do I really need to say anything?


7 Responses

  1. lmao

  2. This made me laugh so hard.

  3. XD how did you get those pics?

  4. Reblogged this on CP Vikings.

  5. “I like to call him a Somalian because he looks like one” holy shit my sides

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