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CPAC Conspiracy

Ever since Goblin became CEO, CPAC went from shit to complete shit. Goblin promoted people with high ranks in armies such as the UMA and ACP. Is it ironic that Goblin, a former UMA owner, is promoting his communist buddies? UMA is infamous for their communist government, and now their owners and leaders are getting high rankings on CPAC – the main site for CPA media.

The Communist Jews in UMA & ACP are now in control of the community. They have infiltrated the ranks of CPAC and now have consumed total control. They are threatening armies to become communist or face destruction.

XxToysoldier, leader of the NW, likes to compare himself to Hitler…. but by allying with communist armies he is nothing like Hitler, nor is NW anything like Germany in the 30’s.

There is only one army that can save us… the glorious Light Troops. We have a history for fighting communist armies, but this threat is the biggest yet. We are not only against two armies, but we are also against the media. The communist Jews will use CPAC to their advantage to hurt the Light Troops. They will leak our IPs and try get out e-mails, but we will prevail. We will stand strong. Armies have a choice: they can join the Yellow Reich in liberating the community from the filthy Jews, or they can watch and cry when the community is in total control of the communist Jews in the UMA & ACP.

This is a typical UMA/ACP owner. Stay away from them at all cost.

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