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Excellent observations, Kevin.

To read Kevin’s post click here.

It is very evident that the UMA are the new DCP in the community. They thought they were clever, but unfortunately for them, not everyone in the community are idiots.

We all know that the UMA have a partnership with CPPS.me. They say their rise is due to their sponsorship with CPPS. But is this the truth? This partnership just allows a lot of nulls to be on UMA chat. Do they even join the army? Do they even check the site? Do they even attend events? The answer is no. Why would these CPPS players be interested in the UMA? What do they get out of it? If you look at UMA chat, these nulls don’t even say anything – they’re too busy playing CPPS.me

The Light Troops had a partnership with a CPPS, and that was oldCP. The difference is – the users of oldCP actually joined the Light Troops. Damen would give rewards to oldCP users, giving them gold and other things for attending LT events. Roberto was even an ADMIN on the CPPS, so that got us a bunch of extra troops. We didn’t even have our chat underneath oldCP, we had our banner, and many oldCP users who were WILLING to join us would click it and join us. This is not the case with UMA and CPPS.me. They just have their chat under the play page, with no banner or anything.

DrMatt was an admin on the UMA site. I was interested in seeing how many CPPS players actually went on the UMA site, and I saw this:

As you can see, this is from the new UMA site. They barely get even over 1,000 views, yet they can get 30+ at AUSIA events and 40+ at UK/USA events? Seems a bit fishy. I decided to keep digging around UMA site. I noticed that there was a lot of comments on the UMA site, but something wasn’t right. All these comments were from retired people who have nothing to do with the community, and most of these guys have the same IP.





Notice how some of these comments are from retirees (Pungy, NP3000, Trick, etc.) and they all have the same IP? And how these comments are like 1 – 5 minutes apart from each other? After I released these pictures on ACP chat, the UMA quickly changed the IP addresses of these comments and claimed I ”edited” them. If you know me, you will know I have no editing skills whatsoever. These pictures are real. Unfortunately for the UMA, they did this trick on a recent UMA post about Joseph (who is Max43810) retiring.

Did all these UMA veterans suddenly check CPAC site on the same day within the same hours and ALL commented how sad they were for ”Joseph” leaving the UMA? Because I’m pretty sure people like Neos and Teal don’t even care about armies, let alone a ”Joseph” that happens to be some sort of UMA legend. The sad thing is that these comments will probably be removed, because since Goblin (huge UMA sympathizer, promotes all his UMA buddies on CPAC) is the new CPAC CEO, we all know UMA and ACP now basically own CPAC and the community.

Now since the UMA are getting such amazing numbers in their AUSIA and UK events, we would expect them to have a lot of join applications – right? Well apparently these CPPS.me players don’t like making join applications, because this is what I saw:

Interesting join applications… considering around this period the UMA were averaging 40 on Club Penguin, but hey, the Light Troops get over 100 join applications a day but I guess the UMA is a very special superior army that doesn’t need join applications?

It’s pretty funny that UMA, who has been 1st for the past 3/4 weeks, can’t even get 30 at a tournament event. Surely an army that gets 40 in an UNSCHEDULED ausia event can beat an irrelevant small army in a tournament…. right? Wrong. UMA barely maxed 15 against the ”Defenders of Club Penguin”. Their excuse was that they didn’t post the event… but hey, aren’t these the guys who get big numbers in their unscheduled events???


Unscheduled UK event [18/03/16]

Unscheduled AUSIA event [17/03/16]

Want to know what’s even more funny? They didn’t even bother facing the ACP in the 2nd round, but let’s not get started on the ACP. Trader leads them, and we all know he’s Mustapha’s little bitch who already got exposed for multi logging in ACP in the past, and evidently doing it again and in the UMA.

The whole community knows that the UMA is a joke. UMA has always been irrelevant since Pink Mafias left the army YEARS ago. You guys can continue acting big in your posts and flexing your position on the Top Ten, but I challenge you to actually have a practice battle with a real army, then we’ll see how ”strong” you guys really are.

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  2. doubt CPAC is gonna do anything…. It took forever for them to fucking deduct from DCP.

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