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Not feeling it

Armies are boring as hell now. I thought returning for Spring break and causing some trouble would spice things up but in the end it’s all the time.

What’s the point of trying to make your army big when people just say you multi log? Personally, I never thought that the Night Warriors did or could multi log, because I know that bot recruiting does work and it can get you a lot of recruits if you do it properly.

Obviously when it comes to armies like Doritos & UMA, it’s obvious they’re a bunch of multi logs. But when I show everyone LT’s site views, join applications, record our battles, pictures of my entire screen, people still think that we’re not legitimate? What could I possible benefit from multi logging an entire army? As people have already stated, I’m already a CPA army legend, what else do I have to prove?

And as for LT’s return event, even I didn’t expect such a huge turnout, and I can understand if people think we multi logged. I wanted to make sure LT got at least 40 – 50 at our return event, so like I did in Winter 2015, I hyped up our return event. This time I hyped it for around 1 and a half weeks, no event until our big one. I also promised to give out 6 month membership codes, which attracted our old troops from previous generations and a lot of new ones. I never expected to get above 60 on CP, let alone 100. I wasn’t even aware we had 99/100 on CP until Epic Master counted our lock outs. But the fact people think I’ll spend my time multi logging ALL these accounts just to be look ”relevant” (according to Trader, one of the most irrelevant leaders in the community) is absolutely bizarre.

The community is also bad too. CPAC is complete horse shit, Goblin is a fucking joke. All armies are spamming CP with their shitty Mercury scripts and scratching their heads wondering ”WHERE’S OUR RECRUITS???” and the big armies automatically get accused of being multi loggers. Overall, it just isn’t fun. The community was lively and fun during 2012 – 2014, but now it’s just smaller with the same bullshit going on and on. I was talking to Roberto the day we got 99 on CP and he said ”Dude if this was before 2014 everyone would be so surprised, but nowadays everyone thinks any big army are just multi loggers”, which is true. When I saw the Night Warriors I didn’t think they multi logged, because they bot recruited, and I know bot recruiting works if you do it right.

The Light Troops will continue to have events for the remainder of this week. I doubt we’ll be back for a summer return. The only joy I had in reviving LT this time was just to talk to my owners and have our funny British banter xDDDDDD. Everything else is just a chore honestly. Whenever an event ends I just go on another tab and do something else because the chat gets spammed with kids asking ”WHERES MUH MEMBERSHIPZZZ???”. Armies in general is boring, there’s no excitement. Or maybe it’s just me. I already led LT to greatness multiple times, and it’s just getting really repetitive and boring now. All these armies on NW’s side (RPF, NW and ACP) like to shout out ”multi log” when they have all been exposed in the past months for multi logging and ACP never take pictures of their full tabs or record their events.

This will most likely be the end of the Light Troops once I return to college. I’m going on holiday in July anyway, and leading is no longer fun (and easy). And to armies like DCP, UMA & SWAT who mass multi logged and made it a ”bad” thing for armies to be big legit: Fuck you.

Join Applications: http://prntscr.com/anrkok || http://prntscr.com/anrkyo || http://prntscr.com/anrm4y

Site views: http://prntscr.com/anrmmj || http://prntscr.com/anrmre || http://prntscr.com/anrq7n

Videos of battles: https://www.youtube.com/c/waterkid101

But… LT is a multi log army… right? 

PS. I just feel sorry for the leaders who are trying their best to make their army big and get some respect. Now thanks to some people in DCP, UMA, SWAT, ACP, etc. they’ll just be labelled as a ”mass multi logger”. 

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