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When I saw the Night Warriors I knew you guys were legit. Many people who accused you guys of multi logging were people who never had experience in bot recruiting or leading major armies. I know Xxtoysoldier has the capabilities to lead a big army of CP recruits as we’ve witnessed this with the Dark Warriors in the past. I think that people who wish to call us ”cheaters”, ”botters” and ”multi loggers” are people who cannot handle the fact they cannot lead a big army like we can.

Leading a big army was much more fun before this multi logging bullshit. The war between LT and DW in Summer 2014 was the best wars I’ve ever participated in. Neither one of us accused each other of ”mass multi logging” and no one else did in the community. The community was fun, CPAC was amazing, and overall it was a great experience. Now that armies have fallen they think that the only way to rise is bot recruiting, which is true. However, they are doing it wrong. Just because an army has a public script, doesn’t mean they will automatically reel in recruits. The Ice Hounds used to spam 10 bots in each room, but they barely got any recruits. You have to think carefully when bot recruiting, think up of clever lines, not ”JOIN FOR SALSA” (the Nachos). Just like the saying: A fool with a tool is still a fool. There’s many many factors to bot recruiting then spamming bots at the Town and Plaza. And to be honest, Mercury is a shitty script over all.

I’m going to man up and apologize for my cancer jokes on Drake. I take everything back, and I wish the Night Warriors good luck. However, you will have to admit, dominating the community now (especially in the shitty state it’s in) won’t be as fun as dominating it 2 years ago. CPA is dead.

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  1. I never got an apology 😦

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