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Wake Up CPAC

Light Troops, don’t read this there is bad language in it.

CPAC somehow is still bias. It must run through the line of autistic CEO’s.

Let’s see where the BIAS starts….

Our Top 10 description:

They say we didn’t get more than 35 and 25 in most events. Don’t bullshit us.

Pre-Battle Training (For Ice Box battle which CPAC DIDN’T COUNT) Max: 37

Defense of Ice Box – CPAC Says we had 35.

Maxed 49 not 35.

Battle vs GMA & Golds – CPAC says we maxed 35 –

MAXED 50 not 35

Chaos on North Pole – Max: 50

Training on Ice Box – Max: 60

+ 11  LOCKOUTS  = 60

Pre-Battle Training on Tuxedo – Max: 52

Light Troops vs RPF On Tuxedo – Max: 67

51 + 16 Lockouts = 67

CPAC miscounted 3-4 of our events, didn’t count one of them and overall tried fucking us over to give their bumchum pals over at the Night Warriors more of an opportunity to attempt to get #1 on CPAC. They failed. Again.

One other thing, they put a picture of Water Ninjas OLD events on their top 10. Not even realizing how different it was to today’s Club Penguin.


If you didn’t notice, the background is dark (Halloween party) There is a token in the top right corner and the date of the post is the 6th of June 2015. Idiots.

CPAC, get your heads out of your asses.

One Response

  1. Why are you complaining about the descriptions? You got first didn’t you? take a chill pill

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