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Hi Troops,

I’d like to have some fun within the army besides battles. Like games, parties, etc.

Vote on which party or game you’d like to have.

The Light Troops Prom 2k16

Party at the Leaders Igloo

Hide and Seek

Light Troops Movie Night.

Card Jitsu Tournament.

Comment below which you’d prefer to have!

– DrMatt LT Godfather/Legend/Leader

15 Responses

  1. Prom2k16

  2. you pick m’man

  3. prom or leaders igloo

  4. prom or igloo

  5. prom or igloo i say one of these

  6. The Light Troops Prom 2k16


  7. party at leaders

  8. hmmm lemme think I mean first of all we have to do it on a Saturday (not this Saturday I have too much going on) we could do like a movie night or even maybe a reaction night (we react to youtube videos upon request) but again its gonna have to be on a Saturday whenever were doing fun stuff because I got to much on my plate with confirmation coming up, piano recital (my last one 😦 ), and the school play. so lemme see if I can work some things out and come up with some ideas. well we could also do a minecraft night. someone can make up a server on there and we could all go on minecraft (just to let you know if we do it, I’m freaking scared of endermen so please if u can do something about that lol) ps I just came up with the idea


    ps. matt, if you need me pc me and I can try and answer ur questions, I don’t want you to be too busy I can totally understand that because I deal with it everyday

  9. Bobascot here using my wordpress account I would say Hide and seek

  10. I guess party is cool or we could do tournament

  11. What movie would we watch if its movie night?

  12. leaders igloo or movie night

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