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CP Account Give Away [2.5 Years of Membership!]

I’ll be giving out a Club Penguin account that has 2.5 years of membership on it. Comment on this post with your CP user and the latest battle you attended and I’ll put your name in the slot and i’ll use an online spinning machine to pick out the lucky winner. I’ll give you the account on our xat chat. 

Contest ends Saturday 23rd April

41 Responses

  1. my penguin username is aidan005 and i did the EPF battle yesterday on iceberg 🙂

  2. 1st comment lets go, good luck to all on this giveaway I REALLY hope I can get this GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. My username is PiggerGames and the lastest battle i attended to was Invasion of Tuxedo.

  4. mckinley321 april 14

  5. My username on CP is PiggerGames and the lastest battle i attended to was “Invasion of Tuxedo” on april 14th

  6. username: Dnzio
    The latest battle i had attended was April 14th.

  7. username: Bob27557
    I havent attended a event since back in pirates day(with william,reuben,lucas,ace and more!)

  8. Rob1756

  9. My username is Tootoo100 and my most recent battle was sometime in march while fighting the NW

  10. USERNAME: SAMOANHULK1 and last battle was April 14th

  11. My username is Rishi65502- last battle attended was around first week of April

  12. Username: Stitchgames
    Most recent battle: EPF battle yesterday on the iceberg (NOTE: if you didn’t see me it’s because I was using a different account at the time, which got hacked today and perm banned, so I had to make this account)

  13. Username: thomasd123
    Last battle attened was around last week i was there for 2 to 3 days attending battles

  14. My name on xats is moizali310 and my Penguin name is Pengu3222 and the last battle i attended is of 15th April 2016 and from the day LT came back i attended almost 15 – 18 battles
    Dr. Matty if you can you can message me the account if i win on the email moiz.ali3222@gmail.com or else you can also P.C me 🙂 Hope i would win. ( God please make my luck Shine like Light Troopers )

  15. My username is Staruin10, and the last battle I attended was on The first week of April on Friday! thanks everyone 🙂

  16. My username is Staruin10, and I attended a battle on the first Friday of April 🙂

  17. My username is Xfaze Boocex, and I attend Tuxedo

  18. User name: Tyler Shade. I’ll attend the next battle

  19. My username is pik11 and the battle I last attended was on April 15th 2016

  20. my username is pink8girl i attend the battle today

  21. my username is Ansea. I am not a member. I have still not been able to get a membership. I hope I can be a member

  22. I am Mochapeng1 and I attended the invasion of tuxedo on April 14th

  23. artiefishie and i attended mammoth

  24. i am Queenmohona and i attended the battel on the15th and by the way i never got membership before i am verry sad😢

  25. my last battle was at mammoth and i am Rikki78

  26. Im also inbox1 always next to you!

    From Riley

  27. im Greatlio and latest battle was Tuxedo

  28. im greatlio and latest battle was invasion of tuxedo.

  29. mariecat234, and the battle of the invasion of ice box on the tenth. thank you!

  30. my cp is pengu1n1fe and i was at the iceberg defending our land on 14th against RPF

  31. ssaak i was on the iceberg april 19th

  32. my cp one is sinthura and i was on the battle when we went on fog this week

  33. my penguin username is Water2277 and i did the EPF battle yesterday (on iceberg)

  34. my penguin username is Water2277 and i did the defending against RPF on 14th april.

  35. my cp is cherry12384 and i was at the raid of cozy

  36. mines cherry12384 and i went to the raid of cozy

  37. hi

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