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RANT: DrMatt


*This post will be deleted in a week, just wanted to get this off my chest.

I really didn’t want to do this, but DrMatt keeps pushing his luck.

You’re the reason why LT was successful? DrMatt, you had NOTHING to do with the success of the Light Troops for YEARS. The only notable thing you did for us was pay our bills. You paid for our advertisements. You paid for our CSS. You even paid for our personal needs like Alex’s League of Legend and Minecraft stuff. Stop going around saying you’re the reason ”LT was big”. And please stop going around acting like you were relevant in the Light Troops. The Light Troops legend see you as a fucking meme.


”Hey sorry my mom is in the hospital and I’m depressed and I attempted to kill myself but I promise to have the money by tomorrow please guys”

I don’t like doing this, I really don’t. I actually tried to be your friend. People think I hate you because you don’t give me money. This is FALSE. I don’t hate you. I just dislike the fact you’re a pathological liar. Anyone who asked DrMatt for money will understand what I mean. You PROMISE to give the money, and when the day arrives you come up with a stupid excuse. And not only that, but you cannot be trusted at all. I remember I would tell you something personal and ask you not to tell anyone. What would you do? You would tell Jessie. And when Jessie would tell you something personal, you told me. You’re a snake. You talk shit about me behind my back for what? Just to impress people?

And I find it hilarious that you’re being hired as owner in armies. What did you tell them, that you’re a LT legend? That you led LT to their ”golden ages?”. Let’s be honest, DrMatt. You paid me and Roberto to RECRUIT FOR YOU while you took the title as leader. You’re so useless. I gave you my WHOLE BOT SCRIPT, AND YOU STILL COULDN’T GET RECRUITS. When battles begun, you would go AFK or say one command per minute. Epic Master and Tobercold would have to save your ass and lead the whole battle.

Let’s not forget your experience in the Water Vikings last year. You were so desperate for legend status that you paid Bloodline to multi log for the Water Vikings. You’re fucking pathetic. The only reason this stopped was because, surprise surprise, you could no longer steal money from your mother’s card and made up stupid lies. ”I’LL PAY YOU GUYS $200 TOMORROW – I PROMISE!!! MY AUNT WON THE LOTTERY!!!”

The difference between you and I, Matt, is that I’m a true legend. Sure, I gave a RAT link on LT site (once we shut down), I DDoS’d people in 2013, I doxed people in 2012, but I am still respected. I am still remembered. Why? Because I am good at leading a Club Penguin army (lmao, not something I’m proud of tbh), something you would never be able to do, which says a lot.

This guy claimed he’s the reason LT rose. I recorded LT’s return event in Spring 2016. I spent two weeks bot recruiting and hyping this event, and we ended up getting over 100. 

During the battle DrMatt PC’s me asking to join the Light Troops. Lol. This guy is nothing but a glory hunter. What a joke.


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