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Club Penguin: 2005 – 2017

As many of you probably know by now, Club Penguin is shutting down indefinitely on March 29th 2017. This can be emotional for many of us as Club Penguin changed many of our lives, because it certainly changed mine. I remember I used to play Club Penguin when I was very young in 2009 (I was 10) with my brother and sister and even my friends from school. I would then join Club Penguin armies which would introduce me to xat and allowing me to meet a lot of amazing people. I have no regrets of joining Club Penguin armies in 2011, as I believe there was more positives in me joining and being apart of this amazing community than negatives. Even though I have also made enemies, I thank you all for making my experience a great one.

Now that Club Penguin is officially going to shut down, many people who are still in this dying community are wondering what to do now. All I have to say is: move on. I know it can be hard for many of you, but that’s the only logical thing to do at this stage. Club Penguin armies cannot survive on CPPSes, because you would not be able to recruit, and CPPSes are very unreliable. You can easily multi log or manipulate a moderator to ban accounts – it’s just not ideal for a community such as ours. We have already acknowledged the fact that the CP army community is dying, and that there is little chance of armies going back to their glory days. Most events nowadays take place on CPPS.me because people keep raiding each other with bots – it’s ridiculous. We must use our common sense and just accept the fact this community of ours cannot last forever and, however sad it may sound, must all part away and move on with our lives.

Now, I believe we should all leave Club Penguin on a positive note. That is why I am asking CPAC to host a battle, ”The Final Battle”. I want all armies to participate in this event. Revive every dead army, contact all legends and veterans, and on Saturday March 25th we will have a final battle between all armies on the legendary server, Mammoth. This will be a perfect way for us to leave armies, as we will be leaving Club Penguin the way we joined it – having fun. We must come together, as a community, and make this event happen.

MESSAGE TO THE LIGHT TROOPS: In March I’ll bring back the Light Troops for the final time. My main concern won’t be to make the Light Troops the biggest, but to have fun. I really want this Final Battle to take place. I want Oagalthorp and Boomer 20 to lead the ACP while me, Ioioluk and Roberto lead the Light Troops. We will face our enemies on Mammoth for the final time. 

PS. If you’re a bot raider, consider stopping your actions. I honestly don’t see the point of ruining events at this stage anyway. Why spend the final days of Club Penguin & armies by ruining events? Get rid of the bots and just join in the fun. 

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  1. I will most likely be there. 🙂

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