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Response to Thugs Multi Log Accusations

First of all, weak evidence. Second, I do not know if you guys were being serious or not, considering the evidence provided in your poorly written post was extremely vague, but whatever.

First of all, getting pictures of a moderator telling a member ”pingu5354” (not even a real account I believe) to null or multi log isn’t proof. I know who Bhrun92 is. This is billy, a LT veteran. He’s a fucking troll. Anyone who has been in the Light Troops will know how billy behaves. I made him a moderator on chat because I allowed all LT veterans back on chat for the final tournament. ”Bmarocks3” was billy’s account when he was in Light Troops and BMA.

Poseidon has to be one of the most autistic people in this community. He literally got trolled by billy, and doesn’t even realise it. Of course, billy attempted to give these ”proof” to other armies as well. The only reason Thugs is the ONLY army to post these ”evidence” is because their army consists of SMAP/SMAC tier retards who don’t know anything. Also, it’s also funny because the only events the Light Troops have are tournament events.

Who the fuck multi logs in a tournament event?

It’s clear that the Thugs ownership are too stupid to understand basic logic. It’s also cringe how they flex on their website. Poseidon, before Thugs you were some irrelevant moderator in the Nachos army. I’m a moderator on Thugs chat because I came on one day and your entire ownership were basically sucking my balls. ”Wow it’s Waterkid101 he’s a legend xDDDD”. Please don’t flex because your army, which is considered a fucking meme, managed to rally the whole community in two CPAC battles to get 40. Your pathetic raid of our capital with your normal small sizes of 15 speaks for itself.

PS. Can you guys STOP trying to be edgy and cut the ”Purple Reich” bullshit? Your army literally consists of fucking 10 year olds from the Nachos. I’m sick and tired of people in the community deciding to be edgy trolls in 2017. LT did it first years ago, now it’s just getting old. 

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