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Ioioluk posting for the first time in like 3 years!

I don’t really know what to say. This battle was just crazy. Both armies got all their legends to come attend it. We had most of the LT veterans attending. We did all we could to make it memorable, and memorable it was.

We reached about a total of 55-60 on CP if we add all the lock outs. We had a maximum of 65 on chat and an average of 59. The Nachos had 28 on chat when I looked when the battle began. Just from the chat size, I could tell this was going to be easy. We were faster than them in the 2 first rooms, the Stadium and the Beach. The Stadium was a stomp, the Beach was even more of a stomp, I mean, they literally gave up on the beach and started crying to the judges that their own bots locked them out. We had about 3 times their size in total. Then, in the 3rd room, the sizes IN the room were about equal, so that room was a tie. Final room, the Ice berg, we clearly outnumbered them the whole time. We won 3 rooms out of 4 and the other one was a tie.

But guess what, the CPAC judges STILL gave the victory to Nachos. I’m not even surprised, I haven’t been in CP Armies for a few years but I know CPAC hasn’t changed at all. A bunch of biased cunts, rigging their tournaments every time. They couldn’t make it more obvious that they were purposely trying  to give the Nachos the win. They did all they could do give them advantages during the battle, giving them more chances because they’re too slow to get in the rooms, and when it didn’t work out, they declared them the winners anyway. But I don’t really care. What matters is that we showed the whole community once again that we are the strongest army there is, and even if you all group together to try to stop us, you’ll still fail. The old LT gang came back to help, we had fun, we clearly won the battle, and that’s all that matters to me. I could really care less about the judges opinions. The judges voting were 3-1 for the Nachos, the simple fact that even the voting wasn’t close tells you all you need to know. This was obviously rigged.

I’ll post a couple of pictures showing the difference in size and tactics for now. I, and others, still have like 50 more to add but I’m too lazy right now.




Before the battle with Nachos, training

We filled up a room by ourselves(the pool)(someone needs to add pics of the pool too)




lock outs during the Stadium at the Forts fighting bots

lock outs during the Beach at the Forts outnumbering the Nachos when they claimed most of them(nachos) couldn’t get in.

Wow, I mean, I guess I would be mad about the judges claiming the Nachos won if it wasn’t so obvious that we beat them. It’s just a joke at this point, I can’t really take CPAC seriously.

Anyway, it was a good battle for both armies nonetheless. I think the honorable thing for the Nachos to do would be to just admit that we did better than them, because it’s pretty clear that CPAC was on their side the whole time.

Owners, feel free to add more pictures, and troops, comment pictures if you have any.



17 Responses

  1. Woo, well fought Light Troops. I am proud that I fought along side you all in our last battle.

  2. Came

  3. Hello! I came here. I hope i done well, because i felt that i was losing against the Nachos… you know, because sometimes i got locked down. Many times. :s

  4. I was there!

  5. i came!

  6. I was there lol. jade on vp, pringleboyo on cp.

  7. hey i was there as jeffey78900!, i was locked out of most rooms but it was fun!

  8. i came

  9. Godspeed bredren

  10. I came 🙂

  11. Great job LT

  12. Glory to the light.

  13. Well, we obviously won, so I’m happy. I don’t care what CPAC thinks because they are so unprofessional. I think we were by far the better army, and it was nice to see that we dominated our last battle. The battle was fun and I’m glad to see that we are once more proving that Light Troops is the best army. Shine with victory.

  14. i came

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