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Legend Cup Finals Thoughts

In all honesty, the Legends Cup 2017 finals was a disgrace. Before the battle began, I said to myself whatever the outcome is, I wouldn’t be butthurt about it. I knew the Nachos would put up a good fight, so I didn’t mind losing to them. However, that was BEFORE the battle took place. The way this battle was done was absolutely sloppy and unprofessional, and I fully blame that idiot Sammie for the whole fiasco.

First of all, there was a problem with the judges. Badboy was a judge, and it was evident he wanted the Light Troops to lose. This guy openly shit talked LT on CPAC chat and helped the Thugs last week in order to ensure the Light Troops didn’t make it to the finals. Why would Sammie choose someone who is so openly anti LT to judge such an important LT battle? Because she’s an unprofessional idiot.

Badboy was clear that he wanted the Nachos to win as throughout the battle he would randomly accuse the Light Troops of entering the room early (we didn’t) and exaggerated. Then at 8:30pm GMT, we were suppose to move to the Mine. Sammie, being the incompetent gamemaster that she is, failed to announce the battle room on time. We already knew prior to the time of the room location, and we thought she glitched or something on the CPAC chat. Therefore we used our initiative to enter the Mine. For some reason Badboy accused Flen of telling us the battle room, when we didn’t. Flen was even a moderator on chat and hushed, so how could he possibly have told us the rooms? Sammie removed Flen from the judges, making it 4 judges: Badboy, Sammie, Mach and Superoo.

The Light Troops clearly dominated the Nachos at the Stadium, there’s no debating about that. After the Stadium we moved to the Beach, but the Nachos were slow and complained that bots disrupted them. Sammie didn’t do ANYTHING. She was silent on CPAC chat while Badboy and Flen were arguing whether or not the room should count or not. Flen was saying the room counted, whereas Badboy was saying it didn’t. I asked Sammie what was going on but the stupid bitch said nothing. After 10 minutes, Sammie hushed the chat and said that the room didn’t count and that we were changing rooms. What a fucking idiot. She wasted 15 minutes of our time at the Beach.

We then went to the Forts, where the battle was close. We outsized the Nachos but I can agree that this room was close. After battling in the Forts, we proceeded to the Ice Berg. It was very fucking obvious that the Light Troops won the Berg. We outnumbered the Nachos throughout the battle and out did them in tactics and formations. It was evident that the Nachos knew they lost the room, as they resorted to doing multiple joke bombs over and over again the last remaining minutes of the battle, whereas we formed and X and did multiple tactics.

When Sammie announced that the Nachos won I honestly thought it was a joke. Even people who hate the Light Troops thought we were robbed out of victory. The CPAC judges claimed Nachos won the Forts and Ice Berg. How the hell can you possibly say the Nachos won the Ice Berg when it was a clear LT victory?

If the battle was similar to the one in the Forts, then I could understand. But it wasn’t. It was a CLEAR Light Troops victory, anyone with a brain could tell. Yet, the judges claim the Nachos won? In reality, the Light Troops won Stadium and Ice Berg, and the Forts could be disputed: either way, it’s a 2-1 to the Light Troops. Sammie’s poor game master skills and Badboy judging fucked the Light Troops over really good. I bet if Kingfunks was in charge of this battle things would’ve been done very differently – even he wouldn’t have allowed Badboy to judge a LT battle.

Kingfunks and the CPAC board should take my points into consideration and declare LT as the real winners. I’m honestly not much of a complainer, but I truly believe the Light Troops were robbed of a victory in this tournament.

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  1. we should’ve won

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