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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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The End

6 years. It’s been 6 years.

I founded LT in January of 2011 after my first army, the Blue Miners Army, died. Within a month, we reached the top 10 largest armies, and things were looking promising. Back then, I never thought this army would live this long. I never thought my army and I would have this much of an impact on this community. I think back on it sometimes, and wow, so many good memories. I could write a damn book about this army if I really wanted to, because there’s just so much to say. Sometimes back then, it would get really stressful. I would come home from school and worry, thinking if my army was going to win the battle that night or not. Like many people in this community , this game, and the people I met on it especially, were a big part of my childhood. Once I left the  community, I thought to myself “wow I was such a loser, why did I ever get involved in this, I hope this past never catches up to me in the future” and I deleted the old LT websites. Alot of history was lost, and now I look back on my actions and I regret it, because when you grow up, you want to look back on what you did as a kid even if it was embarrassing or stupid. I even asked the people who run CPAC to remove me from the legends page because I really did not want to have anything to do with this community anymore. But sometimes, I really wish I could have all those websites back and look through the archives at how old LT used to be. Very few people are still here today from the very start. Some veterans joined 1 year after LT’s creation. But pretty much only I can remember exactly how it was before, and what happened behind the scenes.

LT was in my opinion the most influential armies in CP Warfare. We changed CP Armies more than any other army out there. Sure, the ACP and Nachos were always big and strong, but they did not change armies like we did.

  • I personally popularized chat recruiting when I changed my name to Bluepaint228. Iceyfeet1234 was the only guy in CP Armies who chat recruited before me, but he kept it very secret. I actually learned alot from him even though I never knew him personally. I respect him alot because he always thought out of the box. Anyway, if it wouldn’t be for LT, chat recruiting wouldn’t have been a popular thing. I remember, there was some serious competition going on those tracking chats back then. You had to fight to have control of them over other armies, so you could get more recruits. We had ACP leaders banned on them. We controlled most tracking chats. Only army that had more power over them than us was IW, but that’s because Iceyfeet was popular and was owner on all of them.
  • We brought and popularized banter in CP Armies. We were the army that took banter to a whole new level. We made funny propaganda posters of ACP during our ACP wars, and people got so butthurt over it that they actually banned us from CPAC for being too toxic. Imagine Trump against the mainstream media in the 2016 election. That was us against CPAC and the rest of the army community. They banned us from CPAC, but we didn’t care. They were trying so hard to make us look like the bad guys, but it didn’t affect us. LT remained a very strong army through all the shit we’ve been through. That’s because we had some of the best troops in CP Armies. Some of the most loyal people. I am 100% confident that LT had the most loyal troops in all of history. I mean, I would literally cuss them out during and after battles, I would be calling them stupid retards and tell them to shut the fuck up, and they stayed with me in LT. They still supported me and LT after the way I treated them, because LT was a family. We didn’t have army hoppers and glory hunters. We had people that just genuinely loved the army and its style. That’s what armies like ACP will never understand. They will never understand what it’s like to have a family like LT did. Sure, every army had their own “squad” but LT’s was something else. We stuck together through everything the army community threw at us. We were, and probably still are, the most hated army in CP Warfare, and look at us, we won the tournament just earlier by reaching 55-60 on CP. Our troops learned to be savages, they learned to troll the enemy and piss them off. We basically brought psychological warfare to CP Armies. And they loved LT. We barely had any traitors or quitters in LT. Our troops stayed loyal till the end, even though literally the whole community was against us.
  • I created/popularized AUSIA divisions. This is something that kind of annoys me actually. Flipmoo gets the credit for this, when in fact, I’m the one who came up with the first legitimate AUSIA division that had an impact in wars, during the LT-HSA war. It was the summer, and I used to stay up late, so I thought why not chat recruit some Australians and set up an Australian division. It won us a few battles during the war and it became a regular thing because we had Australian troops now. Fast forward a couple years later, this random Japanese guy in ACP is getting all the credit for what I’ve created and popularized. That’s ACP for you. Always taking all the credit. I’m not going to go on an ACP rant, but they are one of the most pathetic armies. None of the ACP leaders deserve legend. It takes 0 skill to lead an army with the name “Army of Club Penguin”. You get the most recruits because your website shows the most on google. People think you’re the official army. Their name is the only reason they were always so big, but their leaders were terrible, even the old ones like Boomer. I’m saying it, NONE of the ACP leaders deserve legend status. None of them did anything memorable and none of them changed armies. All they did was lead this one overpowered army that any idiot could lead and do good with. Try to start an army from scratch, have the whole community against you, get banned from news websites, and then still come out victorious. That’s legend worthy. ACP leaders are nothing. Anyway…
  • We are the army that began and ended ACP’s downfall. I remember it. We became a really large army, and I just asked Roberto: “what if we challenged ACP?”. ACP was fucking massive back then, but I was feeling ballsy. We had the element of surprise, and the morale was high. I declared war on them the first time. It was a close war, but they eventually beat us. Declared war on them again a few months later, we nearly had them surrendering, but we suffered internal problems and we ended up getting declared war upon by 4 armies(because ACP needed help against us). I remember Kenneth1000 pcing me on a tracking chat begging me to just end the war because ACP couldn’t take it any longer. That’s when their downfall began. Sure, they beat us in that war, but it was the beginning of the end for them. Then, here’s another thing that annoys me. After we weakened ACP with our wars, Nachos declare war on them, and they manage to beat them(with our help by the way) and then they claim ACP fell because of them. Pretty sad if you ask me. They should give credit where credit is due. We did the work, not them. On top of our 2 wars with ACP, we had the Black Alliance wars where we allied with a bunch of armies against ACP. I mean, there were just so many. We wouldn’t stop declaring war on ACP. Even after I retired, Waterkid took over and kept going at it and started beating them pretty badly. The one army that controlled CP Warfare since its existence fell because of us. I’m proud to say that we took on the big boss of CP Armies and brought it down, even though it took us years. No army has ever done that. No army has challenged an opponent so much stronger than them like we did. We had courage, something armies in this community lack. Other armies tried to ally ACP, tried to stay on their good side. Not us.
  • I was the first person to bot recruit back in the Summer of 2012 I think. Way before it became a thing. Waterkid popularized it after I retired. LT was the army that brought bot recruiting to CP Armies pretty much. CP was making it hard for the community, banning all the recruiting phrases, but LT always found a way to save things. Chat recruiting, then bot recruiting. It’s a shame that we don’t get the credit we deserve. We saved this community twice by providing alternate recruiting methods, but people don’t really realize it.
  • Roberto was the first person to introduce CPPS recruiting and advertising. We were the first army to get advertised on CPPSs and get recruits off it. Once again, we provided the community with another way to get recruits when Disney was trying to block us, but we don’t get the credit we deserve.
  • We declared war on armies for fun. I think we’ve had a war with literally every army in history. We were known as the war army. We were always at war with some other army, even if we had nothing against them. We just wanted war, because war is what motivates the troops, not boring training sessions. I mean, I guess that’s why the whole community hated us, we declared war on everyone all the time. That’s also why we’ve never really had good allies. Our only good allies were Team Gold for a bit, and that’s it. We were the army with literally no allies ever. And I’m proud of that. We weren’t the army that had to hide behind other armies to get things done. We brought this war excitement to our troops all the time, and that’s another reason why they loved LT and stayed in it. And our wars weren’t just little wars like Nachos and ACP used to have. When we went to war, we wanted to kill your army and take all your servers and humiliate you. We would actually make a war interesting, and it gave us that infamous reputation. The Light Troops will always be remembered for their blood thirst for war and challenging any army that claims to be number one. We did not hide behind ”peace treaties” as we believed this was only for the weak. Overall, the courage of the Light Troops was definitely unmatched, but I will say that the Night Warriors would come after us, another army I respected alot because they were alot like we were. Vendetta is one of the leaders I respected the most, by far.
  • [From Waterkid’s post] : Is it no surprise that the three greatest Light Troops leaders (Ioioluk, Roberto, Waterkid101) are all CPAC legends? We have revolutionised armies through our leadership in this glorious army. Each one of us led the Light Troops to a Golden Age that crushed every other army. I do not think there’s any other army that has all their leaders as CPAC legends. We are known as ”The Big Three” or ”LT’s Godfathers” because we were the only real leaders the Light Troops ever had. Many people thought that the Light Troops could not rise without Ioioluk or Roberto, but I proved them wrong with my 3 year leadership of the Light Troops. I have led the Light Troops to bigger sizes Ioioluk & Roberto has ever led them – by myself. The three of us will always be remembered for our work in the Light Troops, as we are responsible for making this army The Greatest. Yes, armies like RPF, UMA, ACP, Nachos and the Ice Warriors may have reached amazing sizes during Club Penguin’s golden age (pre 2012), however the Light Troops did the IMPOSSIBLE and got over 100+ on Club Penguin (TWICE) during Club Penguin’s worst years ever, and we will continue to leave a mark in this community.
  • During Waterkid’s era, the Light Troops were the only army, since 2009, to reach over 100 troops on Club Penguin. And in 2009, the army that got over 100 was ACP during Boomer20’s leadership, so it doesn’t even count, because it’s ACP and ACP is just too easy to lead because of their name. You can view the video HERE. From Waterkid’s post : “Last year, in 2016, I managed to lead the Light Troops to over 100 twice on Easter and the day after. I didn’t even realise this until Epic Master counted the troops in the pictures. We managed to circle the Town and also circled the Ice Berg with a few lock outs in random rooms. We managed to get over 100 people on our chat, with about 50+ viewing the site live with over 5,000 views on that day alone. I even recorded the battle, which you can view by clicking HERE. With the sizes we were getting, we didn’t want to bore the troops with stupid training sessions like the ACP.” The 100+ troops were 100% legit too, because Waterkid did not multilog at all.
  • LT was the first army ever to make a CP Army animated Youtube series, thanks to KappnKrunch and Roberto, with their little movie “Uprise” during our 2nd war with ACP. You can still watch it on Youtube by clicking HERE. LT was the first army to take propaganda and entertainment this far in CP Warfare. The videos themselves didn’t have a huge impact on CP Warfare, but it just proves that we were an army that brought new things to this community all the time. Roberto’s CP Army animations were so good that he got a job at CPAC as video maker and made a couple more animated videos. You can find them on his Youtube channel still.

I could keep going with that list, but basically, we were just so much different than everyone else, and despite that, we remained one of the strongest armies. Some things that happened, you would ONLY see in LT and no other army. I remember one evening, I couldn’t attend a battle against the Dark Warriors back when SaW and Unk were leading them, and we ended up losing badly. I came on chat and got the news, and I demoted everyone to private. We had no mods and only like 2 owners. Our chat was only members, but people didn’t quit, they stayed, because as I said, our troops were loyal and wouldn’t leave for petty shit like a demotion. I told them they will get their ranks back if we win tomorrow. And we won so hard, it wasn’t even close. DW surrendered the war to us the day after. I do not know any army that could be able to do what I did that evening, and improve as a result. If other armies demoted all their troops to private and cussed them out, they would crumble. But not LT. LT got motivated from it, and did better the next day. It was remarkable, and it really pisses me off actually that people consider LT as just some other army that existed.

I’m saying it, LT was the most influential army in history overall, and if any CPAC people read this, go ahead and try to argue that it wasn’t. As I said, no other army changed CP Warfare as much as we did, against all odds. Your “top 30 influential list” is a fucking joke. You’re putting ACP leaders up there for what? You’re putting Flipmoo ahead of me in the lost. LOL. Just because they led ACP? Do you not realize that any moron could lead ACP back then because it was just so big. You could make a million mistakes as a leader, it wouldn’t matter, you literally have an infinite supply of troops because your army is called ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN. Can’t sound anymore official than that. Some 8 year old sees that and thinks “wow, that’s the army I should join!”.

Anyway, there are just so many memories I could talk about, but this post is already getting pretty long. LT VETERANS, COMMENT WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO BE ADDED TO THIS POST AND I WILL ADD IT AFTER. Waterkid can also add more to this post if he’d like, because he lead LT for a long time also.


  • Roberto: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am actually really going to miss leading this army and coming home everyday after school excited to come on and see everybody. This place was my getaway from the real world and a huge part of my childhood. I’m glad we went off on such a good note, I hope everyone that was apart of this army remembers their time here. Now you can enjoy your lives!
  • Supra: The thing that sticks out the most from my time in LT, are the people. Majority of the LT Legends, HoF, and the Veterans started out as just people in an army. But it evolved from just being “people,” we all started to be friends, and some of us, became best friends; and we honestly all became one huge family.  I will honestly never forget the memories from LT. And most importantly the people I have met due to this legendary army. It’s actually pretty cool to think that we all met because of LT. Wishing everyone the best for the future.
  • Reece:
  • Billy: Glad to see this army ending on such a good note,We were pretty strong today for a CP army in 2017, most armies I’ve seen died quietly due to gradual inactivity(Like ACP,lol). It just goes to show that the Light Troops was one of the most resilient armies around, with all the hardships we faced, we still thrived until the end. I never honestly believed Light Troops was gonna last until the end of club penguin, maybe because I had the idea club penguin was gonna close much later in the future. I feel glad that it will end this way, Light Troops ending with Club Penguin is probably the best ending this army could have, none of us have to worry about some creep remaking it and dishonoring our legacy now. This is the ending we deserve.
  • Jose: It’s been the greatest ride ever serving in the Light Troops. We have a lot of good memories together ,but the one thing that stuck out the most to me was the people. The people of LT is what really kept me motivated. I’d like to thank LT for making me gain about 20 pounds and glasses in real life. Besides the weight gain and the pain in the ass vision problems, LT was probably one of the best things that has happened to me online. Anyways, I always tell myself I wish I didn’t join because it was a waste of time. In which case it was ,but the memories will last a life time. Shout out to Joee and Supra ily you both. Anyways I hope y’all find happiness in the future. Peace out LT!
  • Penguinz102: You don’t remember who I am? That’s a good thing.
    But I’ve known LT since early 2011, I’ve practically been there since the inception of this army. I left in early 2013, and rarely come back on, usually just to see how everyone’s been. Those 2 years, though, by god what were those 2 years. I think that one PM Ioio sent me to join LT completely steered the course of my life into completely different direction. The LT community introduced me to so many new things and new people. I am not exaggerating by any extent either, the things that the army eventually introduced me to eventually became their own, massive stories, most I don’t want to share, or remember, but damn I legitimately wonder sometimes if Ioio hadn’t sent me that PM, how different my life would have been today.
    The community was what made me stay those years, though. Everyone was their own flavor, they all just fit in so perfectly.
    I have a horrible memory, so I can’t recall many people that well, but I’ll definitely remember Ioio, Rob, Billy, Reece, Cooln, Kenny, Jose, Supra, Spi, Shift, Dr Matt and Kappn. You guys were the reason I stayed in this hell hole.
    Would I go back and stop myself from joining LT?
    Hell yes, jesus, this army fucked my life up, man.
  • Drmatt/Billiej3000: The Light Troops have made a huge impact on my life. 6 years ago (this month actually) I, DrMatt had joined the Light Troops for the very first time under kf11 soon later to be changed to billiej3000. I never thought a club penguin army would have such a special place in my heart and that i’d meet the bestest of friends. I honestly look at the Light Troops and Bloodline as a internet family. Leading the Light Troops and being in the army was some of the best years of my life. I can’t thank you all enough for making this journey unforgettable. So for one last time, to my bloodline brothers and LT brothers and sisters….Shine with Victory – DrMatt/Billiej3000 former Light Troops Leader and Light Troops Legend
  • Kidcash008:I first joined LT in 2012 when Rob and Ioio were leaders. Rob brought me into the army and at first I thought LT would be just another army that I would be in for about a week or two, but damn was I wrong. I would end up spending about 6 month that year with LT almost to the point where LT was a second family. I’m glad I was able to come back every now and then, and still be remembered by people. Even though we lost today because CPAC is fake news and it was still fun and it was one of the best battles I’ve attended in armies.
  • Percy Jackson2:
  • KappnKrunch:
  • AquaBlueJet: Five years ago I could’ve never guessed that I would be here, reflecting on my memories of this army. After I left Ice Warriors, I served as a drifter across CPA, and was able to find refuge in LT. I was never a leader, nor was I ever an owner, but some of my fondest memories to ever come from this community were as a result of Light Troops, despite the fact that I served as just a mere moderator. Looking back, I only feel pity for those who missed out on the great, wild ride this army was. Light Troops truly sparked a genuine family that will never be forgotten within the minds of those who were able to experience it. Thank you, LT, and fuck that nigga named woogybunch.

I’m now going to post pictures and videos of LT through out time, and comment on it.[NOT FINISHED, WILL ADD MORE]

The LT chat in March 2011. Notice how I have everyone added. I added everyone that joined LT as a friend on chat to tell them when the event was happening. I payed attention to every troop individually, and that, among many other things, is what made me a great leader. I was able to fill up a chat just from looking at my friends list in a matter of minutes.

LT pic from 2011.

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « light troops of cp 2011 »

Our first website header ever.

January 2012, when LT became really big.

War against DCP sometime in 2012.


[Roberto here to show you LT’s savagery during our time]:









Roberto: The picture below is a statement from ioioluk back in the early days of the Light Troops when we declared war on armies for fun.




For the last time,


8 Responses

  1. If ya wouldn’t mind to add this Alex, that’d be great. (BTW I’m brethart222)
    I joined LT when my mom was in the hospital and my dad worked 17 hours a day. I was living with my grandma and grandpa, and Rob recruited me from OldCP. I went from near suicide to being happy to come “home” after school to see the guys I enjoyed being with, because I could be myself. I could be a little bit perverted, a little close-minded, a little outspoken. I ended up being here from September of 2012, to the end of armies. I know I probably still annoy some of the vets and legends (Ioio and Rob in particular). But hey, I’m ok with that. Now, I will be returning to the xbox.

  2. Glory to the Light.

  3. You were an exceptional leader and a vital person, and I am proud to have been both an opponent, and more importantly, a comrade and ally of yours from 2011 to 2013.It was an honor, Alex. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the wonderful years I’ve served as an LT soldier, for the final time…

    GLORY TO THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. ACP sucks dick.

  5. Sieg Heil LT, Sieg Heil.

  6. Dear Light Troops,

    You probably remember me in some regard, but I’ll remind you. I am Swampbro, knight, archivist, and one of the two leaders of the Purple Republic mid-2014 onward. You likely dislike us for many reasons, but I hope you keep reading.

    I wanted to say thank you for this experience. The past few years have been wild and PR has become such a close brotherhood that I can’t help but feel happy as to what we have become over the years. We have some history with you all, never forget WaterKid no matter how much CPAC tries to forget, but I still wish to say my goodbyes.Despite all that’s happened, I can’t even imagine what PR would be if it wasn’t for you all being yourselves.

    So, with that, I would like to thank you for this wild ride. I know Club Penguin has ended, but purple pride isn’t just “club penguin” server wide. Maybe our paths will cross again, someday. Let’s hope fate allows it. I’m going to miss raiding your silly events.

    With love, the honorable knight of Purple Republic,


    http://i.imgur.com/TlxYicU.jpg See you around, Light Troops.

  7. It’s sad to see LT go. i rememebr 1a3t told me about td when i was around 9-10. i joined the chat and instantly ioio dmd me and was nice to me. i remember after only a week or two i was hooked. i tried my best never to miss an event. i even made it to 2ic of the army. This was truly a big part of my childhood. i’ll always always remember this. thank you ioio for being a great leader and starting LT. glory to the light

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