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CPAC’s Top Ten Armies of All Time + Response to Silverburg

I honestly did not want to make this post, as I’m done with the CP army community and CPAC, but after talking with Roberto I have found so many things wrong with CPAC’s Top Ten and just have to point them all out in this post.

Plus I want to respond to that idiot Silverburg and other DW people.

Wow, what a surprise – LT gets fucked over yet again by CPAC! I could perhaps understand putting RPF ahead of us, but UMA and Dark Warriors? This is just blatant bias.

UMA: Sure, UMA is a legendary army, but for what? The only time UMA were relevant was in 2006/07 against the ACP. After that, UMA were pretty much a SMAC/SMAP tier army. If you were to ask yourself, ”What did UMA do that was so legendary?” you will literally just only come up with their dominance in 2006/07 and their war against the ACP. After that, the UMA was just an army for wannabe veterans who tried to revive an army that could never be strong army. I think UMA had a decent generation in 2012, but we all know UMA is just a complete joke now. People like Bam and Trader tarnished UMA’s reputation so bad, that it’s a shame that UMA legends even allowed them to do so. We all know UMA has just been a multi log army for the past year or so, and the fact CPAC is ignoring this and still including them in their weekly Top Ten just goes to show how shit CPAC has become over the years.

Dark Warriors: I respect the real DW leaders (XxToysoldier, xiUnknown, SaW, Drake, The Agents) and I respect DW as well, but the fake DW leaders, aka the side leaders, (Silverburg, Badboy, Whats Up11, Tompenguin6, etc) can piss off if they think DW is greater than LT. The Dark Warriors is a legendary army and have dominated the army scene, yes, but the Dark Warriors have only been dominating in 2011 (I think), 2012, and 2014. The Light Troops have dominated the army scene in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. How can the Dark Warriors be higher than the Light Troops if they haven’t even made an impact on the army community for that long? Let’s be honest now – the Night Warriors that Toy & Drake led was basically the Dark Warriors under a new name, and in 2016 the Light Troops absolutely crushed them and took their #1 spot on CPAC throughout our entire resurrection that month. The Dark Warriors didn’t even return this year, but the Light Troops did – we came back and already achieved #1 on CPAC multiple of times and winning the Legends Cup 2017. The fact that DW had only 1 – 2 good golden ages doesn’t matter, as LT had multiple of golden ages, much more than the Dark Warriors, and thus we should be placed above them.

Kind of ironic that the #1 side leader in armies is trying to argue for the Dark Warriors. First of all, I find it absolutely hilarious that you’re trying to take some credit for DW’s success. ”And my recruiting lines”, I’m pretty sure XxToysoldier was the mastermind for pretty much 95% of DW’s auto typing lines, either him or Elmikey, please don’t try sound relevant with that stupid argument. And paying a shit ton of money? I’m sorry, I didn’t know bot recruiting requires paying money? Adam made my scripts for FREE – you can ask him if you get the chance to. DrMatt wasn’t even in the Light Troops when we hit 100+, in fact, in one of my videos you can clearly see him PC’ing me asking to join the Light Troops DURING the event. I have never used oldCP after 2014, nor have I used paid advertisements after 2014, the only recruiting method I used for LT was bot recruiting.

Lol @ your 2nd paragraph. Are you kidding me? The only time period I can remember DW reaching huge sizes is literally 2014 – and that was when you guys had like 10 leaders and 20 owners. The only dominant armies in 2014 were the Light Troops and Dark Warriors. We both dominated the army scene in the summer and in the winter. Are you forgetting Andrew24’s Light Troops in the winter? LT would get 60+ each event with ease. You guys literally had to form an alliance with ACP and IW to stop us. LT hit huge sizes in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The only reason you’re saying no body cared about 2016 is because LT was pretty much the only big army that year, even if we were alive for a month, because all other armies were complete shit. When LT returned for that one month we took on the biggest army at that time (Night Warriors) and absolutely raped them. All other armies were scared so PC’ed me asking to be ”allies”, haha.

Your last paragraph literally makes no sense. You’re saying LT never dominated armies because we shut down in a month? Yes, we did shut down after a month because I’m not like you or Elmikey, I’m not going to spend my entire time leading a fucking Club Penguin army for a consecutive year. Whenever I brought LT back, we would dominate any army that was alive. For example, in the summer of 2015 we demolished many armies like the RPF, ACP, Nachos, Ice Warriors, Water Vikings, basically everyone (you can check our archive for evidence). In the winter of 2015 we LITERALLY invaded every fucking army capital in a single week – and of course, no army dared bother to defend as they were all small and inferior. In Spring 2016 we returned and destroyed the Night Warriors and pretty much dominated the army scene until our closure. All you can say for the Dark Warriors is ”WE WERE FIRST FOR A MAJORITY OF 2014 SO WE’RE THE BEST”, you do know 2014 isn’t the only year in CP armies, right? And what do you mean by the Dark Ages? I’m pretty sure the ‘Dark Ages’ you’re referring to is 2016 and 2017. LT managed to get 100+ twice in 2016, something the Dark Warriors couldn’t even do in their peak in 2014. In 2017 we only returned for the Legends Cup, and we demolished every army that stood in our way. We won the Legends Cup 2017 (everyone knows this).

It’s funny how you try act all nice around me on xat, but in public you try talk crap about me. You’re not an army legend, you’ll never be one, and you’re not even the real Silverburg. All I can remember you for is being DW’s AUSIA leader in 2014 (your AUSIA events literally consisted of events on Saturdays and Sundays and using your friendlist with Spi101). You’re exactly like Badboy; you’re a glory hunter, you cannot lead alone. You only rejoined RPF whenever Elmikey made it rise. Chip joined RPF in the last year and he has done more for RPF than you have ever done in the past 4 years. You’ll always be remembered as the leech who tried stealing Elmikey’s credit in RPF.

PS. You’re not a Dark Warriors legend. Using your friend list for AUSIA events on Saturdays and Sundays isn’t legend worthy. 

PSS. You’re also not an army legend. Stealing an RPF veteran’s name and joining armies whenever they’re big and claim to be part of their success isn’t legend worthy. Try lead solo for once instead of needing someone to hold your fucking hands every time.

3 Responses

  1. my comment on CPAC site below that was A1.

  2. Waterkid roasted Silver 😀

  3. Finally… About time, someone agreed with me about that DW part.

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