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The Problems with the Modern Community Mindset

This is just a personal view on some shambolic things I tend to see within the Community in the Modern Day.

Being Retired has given me a chance to step back and have an overall look at the community and it saddens me to see certain things.

Note: This isn’t a shitpost or hate post on anyone, I’m simply pointing out issues I have seen within the community along the lines of Inflation & False hope.

The problem with the community does not lie within a specific CPPS, it lies within the mindsets & thought processes of individuals.

I understand some people have personal issues about CPPS use and the use of different CPPS’. We all know that no matter what anyone does, the Community will never unite under one roof, I attempted to do this three times (yes three times). It appears that, no matter what you do, people will never be quite happy with what you offer or try to change for the better of the community. Over the three times I attempted to unite the community, the first time I did not offer much as I was very limited with what I could offer and overall the opposing side of the community (CPR) denied the merge attempt because they disliked the owner of Club Penguin Online at the time, understandable it seemed at the time, not much I could do to change their minds. We waited a few months and that is when we attempted yet another merger.

This merger was different as it was a time when the “Owner” of Club Penguin Online had gone quite inactive and was completely separated from the Army Community (he didn’t want to know about it or anything to do with it). This was the perfect chance for a merger as the first time we attempted to merge, their issue was the owner. This time, their issue was “Not enough Servers” for invasions etc. We explained that, over time, more servers would have been added to our CPPS as the player count increased, we even offered to re-add Klondike // Mammoth on that day if the merger had went through. They still declined.

The third and final attempt of a merger was a matter of weeks ago. With CPO being the most popular CPPS gathering over a million new users in a matter of weeks, it would have been impossible for a merge not to happen, why would you turn down the chance to advertise your army & domain on the most popular CPPS? It proved to be quite a challenge. The people of the CPR community did not want a merge as they were ‘fine where they were’ which was understood, so we changed our stance. We offered a united News Site with a universal Top Ten, they STILL declined. Following the collapse of the merge talks, the ‘CPAC 5’ decided to make Universal Top Tens anyway which worked out. It showed the true standings of the current community (although there were a few calculating errors at first, a few tweaks had fixed the formula and it was a good idea overall). You could see why the CPR armies did not want to be involved in the Top Ten as they were nowhere near the Top which was quite clear from the start.

However, we have now reached a time where these armies on CPR are now inflating their sizes to a point where it’s laughable. It’s not rocket science or hard to realize why they are inflating their sizes, it’s to make it seem like they are keeping up with the likes of the real big dogs such as the Pirates, Ice Warriors, Doritos etc. You can even see the clear difference now, Flen went crazy and took the Night Warriors over and moved them to CPR. On CPO, the Night Warriors were averaging 60-70 over their first few days, on CPR, their discord is a ghost town but I guess it’s alright because “CPO is unsafe because of the ex-owner” – none of it really adds up to me.

Let’s take a look at the RPF for example.

As you can see, they have claimed a max size of “98” but are literally just about making a Circle in the Town with a plus within it. If I were being generous, I’d say this is 60 troops at most. You just have to ask, why are they inflating their sizes to this stature? Who are they trying to impress?

Let’s take a look at the ACP now, their #2 army.

“Max 47”

I’m sorry but this seems to be a trend among the ACP leaders over the years. Inflating your sizes by hosting Rogue Drilling events and then adding on to that size. Once again, what is the point in inflating your sizes when we can clearly see the true size of your army?

I could go on about the inflation within the Community that is supposedly “better” for armies (as claimed by the heads of CPAM) – The reason people are “moving” is because of propaganda videos against the ex-owner of CPO and the allegations against him, not against CPO. CPO its self is the safest CPPS out there and is by far superior for Armies & for the growth of armies. Moving your army to CPR or another CPPS is ultimately just a death sentence for your army. Take a look at almost every army to move from CPO to CPR and you’ll see the drastic size drop. – Don’t forget though, it’s okay because they hate the allegations against the ex-owner of the game.

Below Shows the Befores and Afters of leaving CPO.







RPF After. (Not even 60 lol).

EDIT: Even their Top Ten Armies is just CPO Armies.

Anyways, that’s just my opinion (along with many others too) but if you really need to reassure yourselves with inflated sizes & false hope, you do you I guess.

I hope that one day the community unites some how under one roof. Uniting under a News Site simply wouldn’t be good enough. Of course, It will take time & talks, but with one side going completely hostile trying to spread propaganda to literally take armies from one platform to another, what hope have we got of achieving this?

I know I am not involved with Army Affairs at the moment but to all the current leaders of the Community, if you want to achieve a united community, you need to work together IN Unity rather than against each other in hostility.

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