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The End of the Light Troops

Hello to everyone that will read this post.

As you all may know, Club Penguin Online, the leading Club Penguin Private Server, recently Shut Down as a result of Disney issuing DMCA’s to ALL Club Penguin Private Servers. As a knock on effect, I no longer want the Light Troops to continue on any other Private Server as it will simply taint the legacy that has been built up by legends such as Water, Rob, Ioioluk and myself.

When I first brought the Light Troops back at the beginning of 2019, I had the intentions of the Light Troops being a powerhouse once again, my intentions were fulfilled as every time I hosted an event we managed to surpass sizes of 70-100 on multiple occasions, especially when I put all my time & effort into leading the Light Troops. At one stage, I simply lost interest in leading & shut down the Army on numerous occasions to avoid it collapsing without my support. Eventually, the Pirates returned and my focus was on the Pirates and as you all know, the Pirates was the #1 & the biggest CPPS army ever, without a question.

I recently let Ben/m50s lead the Light Troops despite doubt from Veterans in the Community. I gave him a little boost in the beginning with the return event but over time, he did a good job with leading the army. The Light Troops managed to max between 65-75 under his reign and he should be proud of what he achieved without the help of any Veterans or other armies. However, now that Club Penguin Online & many other CPPS’ are shutting down, it would be simply impossible to maintain a stable amount of incoming recruits. CPR bans armies for recruiting and there is simply no CPPS that is the same size as Club Penguin Online was.

Over our year and a half return on CPPS’ we achieved a lot. We dominated armies such as the Help Force & Templars and we had some good runs & golden ages. I would like to thank absolutely everyone that was a part of the Light Troops during it’s time on both original Club Penguin and on Club Penguin Private Servers.  Everyone that ever supported the army, I cannot thank you enough for your help & support especially during times of uncertainty. The Light Troops had a rich & prestigious history and everyone that ever came through the doors of this army helped maintain that status, for that, I thank you all.

With that being said, the Light Troops will never return on any other Private Servers or Games. The Light Troops are now hereby Shut Down & Dead.

If you wish to join another army or group, join the Pirates here: https://discord.gg/2QagvZ

The Light Empire has officially run its course. Thank you everyone for being part of the journey.

Before anyone asks, I am no longer on discord, I may return to discord in the coming months, however, I am taking a long & well earned break from discord.

If anyone plays Minecraft, feel free to join my Minecraft Server Hub. https://discord.gg/k2PEeAJ

For anyone that is trying to recreate the Light Troops on their own website or server, it will be considered FAKE and Illegitimate. You may only recreate the Light Troops with the permission of the Light Troops Godfathers (Rob, Water, Ioio or myself). The Light Troops will never return so don’t bother trying.

Thank you everyone, for everything. 

The Light Shines Forever.

~Shine With Victory~

6 Responses

  1. rip LT

  2. Ok, but why? You said yourself that Ben has been doing a good job leading, and we have Club Penguin Armies: The Game to host events on. We can recruit from servers like Penguin Saloon. It’s brand-new, but from what I understand it’s going to stay up. And why is a lack of incoming recruits a problem for Light Troops specifically? Other armies like Pirates have also lost recruiting spots, so why is Light Troops getting shut down for it? If it’s a current numbers problem, I know of much smaller armies that are definitely still going after this. My opinion? The Light Troops are still strong, and there is no excuse for throwing us under the bus like you did at your “community retirement,” though we all know now that you were still watching. You said you were leaving, but you came back just to end us. Hope you feel like you made the right choice, because I sure don’t. #JusticeForLightTroops

    • My bad, that was actually meant to be aimed at Epic, not TheMightyA56…

    • and to add, i fully agree with your statement. Many armies are still going strong including pirates themselves, there was no need to shut down this army tbh, and y’all would have still been a powerhouse if you didn’t shut down, with at least 50+.

      • oh my god, I was hardly expecting anyone to see this! Honestly, it’s really encouraging to see someone else who agrees.

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