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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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[UK TASK FORCE] Results Of 4/19 U-Lead


Hello Troops! Today we went on Icebox for a U-Lead and maxed 15! Click “Read More” for pictures! Credits for Tryme and Ultipeng for taking pictures.

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[US DELTA FORCE] Training Session Success 3/26 (Raid from DCP)


Hello Light Troops! Today we marched on Icebox to practice our tactics and we maxed 17 and averaged 15. We were met by the Doritos as they were thirsty for those Top Ten points.

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Active Count – Results

S Cargo2’s edit: Blizzard can keep his moderator rank he is always active and auto types which is good for a mod

Tiro’s edit: Alright, but he will demoted if he won’t start logging on during battles.

Hello Light Troops,

Alright, so active count is done and we’ve demoted one rank down everyone who didn’t comment. If you want your rank back because you couldn’t comment you have last chance by commenting this post today.

Troops demoted from Brigadier General to Colonel:

Sparky, Blaze1591, Theo

Troops demoted from Colonel to Lieutenant Colonel (Lost Moderator on chat too):

Sledderboy, Charizar

Troops demoted from Lieutenant Colonel to Light Major:

Merta 7, Nico, AgentE13, Coolest, Danny, Magicnoodles

Troops demoted from Light Major to Light Captain:

ginger1811, Cowboydan101, Andrewz4, Taqi14, Falcon, Dominic9001, Ridthik, BenjaminLT

Troops demoted from Light Captain to Light Lieutenant:

Bellaa2598, Twinkle320, Dothollie, Cjblo0m, tylie12345, herbot6000, boriquaswaag, Loke24, Bartholomew, Electricity,
Jaffawil, Riri, Slick, Blitzen36, rasberrycup

Troops demoted from Light Lieutenant to Light Private:

Artistpengu, shadowrodz12, Pom Colour, sunnyajh, Desiree1238, Toubou123, Nickaido, pengu42546, Gizmito2, Cryoatic,
pugsrock552, Joelycie, farley128, fluffy, Anatasia, Skyy, jonoptimus, Sunshine5902, Rockman722, samuel719, Fanboy, Guestboy2,
BobBob900, Jahmir123, Whizzywho212, piepie2d, Popinyoyo, Zoe2091, littlespike9, karnold808, G U M M Y B E A R S,

Click read more to see updated rank page.

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29.08.2014 – UK Training

Hello Light Troops,

We did max 16 and average 14. We’ve improved a bit, keep doing! Thank you for taking pictures by the way, I’ve recieved tons of them from like 6 persons.

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[US DELTA FORCE] Results Of 8/28’s Training




Hello Light Troops. Today we went on Icebox and maxed 12 and averaged 10. Read On for pictures.

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28.08.2014 – UK Training

Hello Light Troops,

We did max 12 and averaged 9. Notice: If you can’t do tactics just go out of formation and come back, it sometimes glitches. Troops, you have to log on faster and focus on event/tactics. Don’t chat about other thing then battle or use doodle. Thanks to Jon for pictures.

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First Week Under New Lead – Events


Read on for week events.


Monday, 1st September 2014


8pm UK

, 3pm EST

, 2pm CST

, 1pm MST

, 12pm PST

Location: Ice Box, Ice Berg


Wednesday, September 3rd 2014



4pm EST

3pm CST

2pm MST

1pm PST

Location: Below Zero, Town


Thursday, Semptember 4th 2014





11am CST

10am MST

9am PST

Location: Hockey, Town








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3ic’s Elections!

Waterkid edit: These candidates aren’t good enough (Fred, Mico) you either promote Jon or nothing. Voting is now closed.

Hello Light Troops,

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Active Count[MANDATORY]

Hello Light Troops,

Our size on battles has fallen this week, so we’re making a active count to punish unactive troops. This active count ends in one week, exactly 30th of August(Saturday). If you won’t comment this post before time runs out, you’ll be demoted one rank down. If you can’t comment, then please tell us on our chat.

Fill this form:

Club Penguin User:
Division (UK/USA/AUS):
Activity(1-10) – Don’t Lie!:
Last Event You Attended:


 ~Tirodoragon, Konrad and Cargo

Light Troops Leaders

The Light Troops New Era

Hello Light Troops,

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As summer is coming to the end, Water and Rob have had to retire. Me, Konrad and Cargo are there to become the Light Troops new leaders. Soon there will be lot of changes in LT, so visit our site to know about them. Our goal is to make LT a great army once again.

lt banner

Moderators Minimum Requirements are recruiting atleast 1 hour everyday and atleast 5 troops recruited in a week.

Owners Minimum Requirements are recruiting atleast 3 hour everyday and atleast 15 troops recruited in a week.

If you want to be a moderator or higher you must be just in Light Troops, because we would like to have loyal moderators and owners. However we can make some exceptions.

If we see inactive moderators/owners we will demote them.

PS: You can recruit more, because those are just minimum requirements. I suggest you to sleep recruiting, recruiting when you’re outside or in school. If you don’t know how to autotype and want to learn it, please tell it to Tirodoragon, Konrad or Cargo on our chat, we’ll introduce you to auto typing. Remember if you autotype you make the LT army bigger.


 ~Tirodoragon, Konrad and Cargo

Light Troops Leaders