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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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The Light Troops of Club Penguin

On Friday night we held the Final ever Light Troops event. In this event over 70 People turned up to support the holy Light Empire. Thank you to everyone that ever supported the Light Troops over the last eight years, we have shown why the Light Troops were the greatest army to ever exist.


~Shine With Victory~

USA Training Session

We had another training session today and I was really impressed by our tactics. There is not much to say other than we maxed 16 and averaged 14. Not the best event but I think because the time change, many troops can’t make it. We will discuss changing it back. Anyways great job guys!


Temporarily Back

I am temporarily returning to Light Troops for this week only. I am returning due to Waterkid retiring and Matt going on vacation, so I can help the other owners lead the army for this week. I expect many troops to go on vacation, yet I also expect some troops to be on break, so I think they will block each other out. I hope we can maintain sizes of 20+ throughout the week and break back into the Top 3. Sadly after this week, I will be forced to go back into retirement. However, this will not be last time in LT, as I should be back this summer in late June.

The Black Alliance

The real Black alliance did not involve any of the armies that are in this current alliance of theirs. The first few Black Alliance consisted of the Light Troops, SWAT, Dark Warriors, Army Republic, and many more.  Even in the Pirate’s Black Alliance none of the new Black Alliance members were even alive. These pathetic armies feel like that they can defeat us with an Alliance created by us. We created the Black Alliance and now we will destroy it. Let us Shine With Victory. Light Troops we have defeated much stronger alliances before. This alliance will be a piece of cake.

~Tylund1 Light Troops 2ic, Original Black Alliance member

Re-introducing Myself

Hello Light Troops, I am you new 2ic, Tylund1. I am a former Light Troops Leader and Legend. I first joined Light Troops in 2011 and have stuck all the way since. I have rejoined LT because I want to contribute to this Golden Age we are entering. Light Troops have always been the army that defies the odds. We have been in wars where the odds are stacked against us, and win or lose, we still prove that we are the superior army. This summer will be an epic one to come, and I am excited to see Light Troops defy the odds one more time. We will have our chance to in our upcoming war against Dark Warriors. Dark Warriors are a strong army, but we are stronger. We will fight till the bitter end and we will SHINE with VICTORY.

If anyone has any questions or would like some to talk to, pc Tylund1(ID:311104102).

The summer for us has just started.

~Tylund Light Troops 2ic

Return of Tylund1

I retired late last month due to being busy with school. I am glad to say that school has been slowing down due to it being the end of the year and I am able to become active again. With that being said, I am returning to LT this Saturday. For all the new recruits that don’t know me, I am Tylund1, former LT Leader and Legend. I have been a Light Troop veteran being in LT pretty much from the creation in 2011. I have served in LT for over 3 years and I plan on serving as long as possible. I am excited to rejoin the army because the summer is near which is when armies hit their all time highs. I want for us rebuild and get stable in the 30’s and 40’s and maybe even break our all time 60, which was set sometime during winter break in 2012. I know we can if we continue recruiting and autotyping everyday. Great to be back, LT.


Retirement of Tylund1

Hello guys, I post to you guys for the last time. I am in fact, retiring. My last run in LT was a pretty short run lasting a little bit over 2 months but it my time to leave. It saddens me that I have to go, but I am getting busy in my life and soon will not have as much time for this game. I really do not have time to make such a long post so I will keep it short and simple.

I joined Light Troops in 2011 hoping to find an army I could stick with and love. I got just that. I made many friends over the years. I am not going to name them because they know who they are. Light Troops will always be my home army. The army I have had the most fun in, the army I have never been disappointed with. I know that we will strive now with Waterkid and the future with our new recruits. The Light Troops army always shine with victory and we will continue to. I am proud that I got to be apart of such a great army and you should too. Just remember to keep recruiting and the Light Troops will strive no matter what.

Tylund1 LT Legend 2010-2014

For the last time, ~Tylund1 LT Legend

Tournament Battle vs Ice Warriors

Today we had our tournament battle against IW and we won, but definitely could have done better. We were expecting 30+ instead we maxed 25 and averaged 22. We still did great but we need to step up our game if we want to win the tourney.

Comment if you came!!!~Tylund1

Why Auto-Typing is Important!!!

Hello guys it is your 2ic here, Tylund1, showing you statistics in which are shown while autotyping. For awhile now, CP Armies have been using the Auto-typing method ever since chat recruiting died out. Light Troops were always known for having leaders who were linked to the best chat recruiters, including Roberto and Ioioluk. Light Troops have died after chat recruiting died basically. We were brought back by Spi in late September and ever since have been using autotypers. This generation has never died since September(if you don’t count the one week where we took a break after Spi retired for his second time). Water has done his job over these months autotyping and has taught many other troops to autotype. Now this month we have been getting astounding numbers due to autotyping including people looking us up on search engine. Here is a stat from our most recent date of autotyping.

As you can see we have an average number of people looking up our site. 92 people looked us up and it is mainly because of autotyping. We have seen around the same amount of numbers each day, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. But imagine if we all autotyped as an army. We could be doubling our numbers which would double our CP sizes. I encourage everyone to download an autotyper and autotype with us. We will rise one by one but the most important thing is the troops. I don’t expect all troops to autotype but I know many will be interested in doing so, so I decided to make this post to inform them about it. Here are more statistics:

Armies have increased sizes ever since autotypers been known. That meaning we can only grow from using them. Now you know why using autotypers is important, 1 person can make a difference. Autotype with us today.

~Tylund1 LT 2ic

Another Great US Training

We logged on for our US Training today and again hit great sizes.Our US division has grown and soon we will work on our UK division to hit sizes as the US division has. We again maxed 23 and averaged 20. Our tactics were also good. Don’t forget about the US Practice Battle vs Nachos tomorrow. We are expecting 25+.

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