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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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Invasion of Aurora [RESULTS]

Join the Light Troops discord server https://discord.gg/5Hv4F6u

Max Size: 40 Light Troops

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[UK TASK FORCE] Results Of 4/19 U-Lead


Hello Troops! Today we went on Icebox for a U-Lead and maxed 15! Click “Read More” for pictures! Credits for Tryme and Ultipeng for taking pictures.

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[USA] Training on Ice Box – RESULTS

Hey LT,

Today we logged on Ice Box for some training. Alot of troops were asleep and not doing tactics and some wern’t logging on, I want us to do better tomorrow and all of next week! We maxed 20 and averaged 18. It wasn’t bad but we could still improve troops!

Comment If you have any more pictures!

Shine with Victory!

~Epic Master~

[US/UK] Training on Ice Box – RESULTS

Hey LT,

Today we logged on Ice Box for some training, we had some good tactics and good formations and we had a good size,We maxed 19 and averaged 15. I know we can do better tomorrow troops! Thank you to all who attended and Read on for pictures!

Max: 19

** I Won’t be on tomorrow and on Thursday – I’m going away for two days **

Shine with Victory!

~Epic Master~

[USA] Training on Ice Box – RESULTS

Hey Light troops! Today we logged on Ice box again for some training with our UK/US Division at 8:30pm UK 4:30pm US, Not alot of people came to the event which disappointed me a bit, even when we had 21 on chat, I expect a better size tomorrow LT! We had SOME Good tactics at the town and a few at the ice berg. I led this event with silent once again due to some owners being inactive. I Expect a better size, better tactics and more active people tomorrow! 

* Also I promise I’ll try get a Practice battle for tomorrow! *

Max: 15

Average: 13

Let’s try harder tomorrow LT,

Lets try get 25+! We can do it troops!

Glory To The Light

~Epic Master

[USA] Training on Ice Box – RESULTS

Hey Light troops! Today we logged on Ice Box (Our Capital) for some battle training, we had some good tactics and good size. Our moderators need to be more active on chat when it comes to an event! Silent & I Led this event because tober was busy. I expect a bigger size at tomorrows Event! Well done and thank you to all the Light troops who attended!

Max: 17

Average: 13/14

Glory To The Light

~Epic Master

[UK] March On Ice Box #2 – RESULTS

Hello Light Troops! Today we logged onto our capital server (Ice Box) to do yet another march on ice box. It wasn’t the start to the week we were hoping for but we had a good size and good chat size, not everyone on chat logged on which was a major problem, and clubpenguin was glitching for some people. Thank You to all the troops that were active and were awake during the battle! 

Max: 15

*Comment if you have any more pictures!*

~Epic Master

[USA] March on Ice Box – RESULTS

Good Afternoon All Light troops! Today we logged on Ice box at 9pm UK – 4pm EST, For Our March On Ice box. This was our first event without any leader so the owners led, We moved to the Ice berg and formed a plus and an L. We had good sizes and good tactics! Well done and Thank You to all who came!

Max: 24

Average: 20

*Read On For Pics*

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Defense of Ice Box [Results]

Hello Troops!

Today we defended our most beloved server Ice Box against the evil Dark Warriors. We didn’t hit 70+, instead we got around 60+ max on CP. During battle we got raided by some bots and it made some of our troops lose connection and they didn’t bother logging back in. So we went down to around 45+ on CP in the first 10 minutes. We didn’t get to fight the Dark Warriors until the :13 minute mark. We charged into the ice berg and met with DW. Sadly we did not switch fast enough and we got out-sized by 5-7 troops. Regardless we still put up a strong fight and didn’t go down without fighting. We soon switched to the ice rink at the :24 mark and completely wiped DW out.

DW won Ice berg

LT won Ice rink

Our performance was very poor compared to our exepetations we had for today. Instead of going off to find the enemy you should be listening to orders from the leaders and stay in the room where you were ordered to go. Running around trying to find DW did nothing but get ourselves unorganized which cannot happen again.

Max – 60

Average – 55

Pictures below:

*No prebattle pics were taken due to me not recording at that time. Pics may be added however.*



Jokes in line




Yes chant


Good job Troops.

-Andrew24 LT.LEADER

Video of the Semi-Finals

Hello LT.

Below is a video of the battle we had earlier with the Nacho army.

Good job today.

-Andrew24 LT-LEADER