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Legends + Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to the most significant figures of the Light Troops, people who have made an impact on the army and who deserve to be recognized for generations to come. I present to you the legends of the Light Troops:



Ioioluk is LT’s beloved creator and revered leader. He has led countless wars and has been very successful throughout his era of dominance (2011-2012). Ioioluk was LT’s strategist: he planned LT’s conquests against the Army of CP, Dark Warriors, Army Republic, Ice Warriors, LT’s lingering war as a part of the Black Alliance- and particularly during LT’s year-long war campaign against the ACP, which commenced the fall of LT’s most despised enemy. The Light Troops under Ioioluk became a force to be reckoned with from the day it was created. He introduced a new style of fighting, spreading propaganda against his enemy and fighting them tooth and nail at every turn. His efforts shaped the Light Troops into a war machine; the dominant force behind BA, one of ACP’s greatest foes before, during, and after its fall, and an army that now stands as a testament to his success and ability as a leader.

Leadership Highlight:


Roberto is the 2nd greatest leader of the Light Troops (below Ioioluk), sparking every single massive rise the Light Troops have had. He is foremost the greatest recruiter among the legacy of the Light Troops. Known as the heart of the army he has always been there for the Light Troops, even to this day. Roberto fueled the success of the army during the famed wars against ACP(2011-2012) and is also noted for sparking the Light Troop’s swift rise and leading LT to its most prestigious generation during the summer of 2014. A great majority of troops are still here today due to the recruitment works of Roberto.

Leadership Highlight:



Waterkid is the re-creator of the Light Troops, credited for keeping the Light Troops alive for over a year without the help of Roberto & Ioioluk (2013). He proved himself as another dependent figure in the Light Troops, leading the army to victory against many enemies and defeating the ACP twice. Waterkid takes upon the leadership style of Ioioluk, containing many leadership qualities that Ioio had which is one of the many reasons why he was so successful during his reign. On Easter 2016, the Light Troops got over 100 on Club Penguin under Waterkid’s leadership – something no other leader could do. This would be one of Waterkid’s greatest feats in Club Penguin armies.

Leadership Highlight:


Kappn has been part of the Light Troops since day 1. Having been close friends with Ioioluk he soon became the leader of the army alongside Ioio & Ana. He was a key leader during the wars against DCP & GT at the beginning of LT’s existence which marked the beginning of LT’s aggressive war-hungry nature. He is currently retired but has stayed loyal to the Light Troops for 4 years. He started a video company called Kappn Krunch Productions along with Roberto showcasing all of the Light Troop’s greatest events and moments (which can be viewed HERE).


Ana was one of the first members in the Light Troops. She had previously been associated with Ioio before the creation of LT so she had already built trust with him allowing her to become a LT leader quickly. As a leader she brought a new style to the army. She was dedicated to the troops and is noted as the Light Troop’s most friendly leader. She also introduced incentives to help the troops stay interested and loyal to the army: game nights, where troops were able to gain prizes through answering fun questions or winning a game on Club Penguin.


Supra joined the Light Troops with Roberto in 2011 and is known for being Roberto’s partner and being nearly at Roberto’s level of recruiting. Supra was an essential figure to LT’s success in the war against ACP during 2011-2012. He worked long and hard with Roberto ensuring the Light Troops had as many soldiers as possible during the time of war. A great majority of troops are still here today due to the recruiting works of Supra.

Hall of Fame

Epic Master


That ends the Light Troops Legends/Hall of Fame.


51 Responses

  1. Salute to all the Legends

  2. Nice job Rob!

  3. Rob great job with page restoration, and glad I can help with a few of the descriptions of these great legends.

  4. they did a hard job! gj Rob with doing the Legends page it looks great

  5. where am I? (wt)

  6. looks at post
    see’s self as first on veterans
    ohhh future legend…

  7. Good job on all who are a Light troop legend. It’s amazing, really.

  8. notable troop 😦

  9. who is Penguinz xP

  10. What do we do if we don’t want to wear the uniform?

  11. S Cargo2 is a tactical genius, sadly he hasn’t been recognized by his peers as a legend.

  12. Light Troops at least has one of the best and most accurate legends pages except Cargo should be a legend too

  13. Amazing legends!! Light troops RULE

  14. awesome i join light troops i nned to train

  15. Cargo for Legend!

    Seriously, though. Come on, guys, what is wrong with you? Of course Cargo’s a legend.

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  17. i love you


  19. this makes you poop in your pants

  20. Yeah Jessie My Si’star’!

  21. when is the next battle

  22. How to play

  23. Im finally on this page.



  26. waterkid is awesome!

  27. ssssss

  28. Salute to all the legends and hall of fame i’m proud to be in this army

  29. i like it

  30. Respect and honour to our leaders

  31. how about me guys (xd)

  32. how is it over
    im crying rn


  34. Brethart222 4 hall of fame

  35. Help me idk how to do this and I want to do it

  36. Idk if any of the people who own the site currently would like to add me to Hall Of Fame but this was a big part of my childhood and, I mean I was 2ic for some time and was owner for a long time, during the xat days. Regardless love LT for the many things it offered people back then

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