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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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LT Fun Facts!

        Fun Facts about LT

1). The Light Troops of Club Penguin were created in March, 2011 by ioioluk. Before the Light Troops were created, they were formerly known as the Blue Miners Army. Ioioluk came up with the idea of creating the Light Troops with a couple of friends not knowing how powerful the Light Troops would become one day.

2). The Light Troops isn’t Roberto’s first army, and it wasn’t mine either. Roberto was in the Sky Mafias before joining the Light Troops and Waterkid was leading the Pirates army before joining LT for mod rank.

3). A LT owner who went by the name of ”Jujuflower” was an ACP moderator who faked her death. She went under a new alias and joined the Light Troops and e-dated Ioioluk before getting exposed by Daniel/Eyes521

4). Roberto once quit the Light Troops to form a Roblox clan.

5). Ioioluk changed his identity to ”Bluepaint228” in order to stop a LT rebellion. Surprisingly, people didn’t suspect he was Ioioluk.

6). Roberto once left a LT event to watch spongebob

7).DrMatt once used to be called Billiej3000. He changed his name after becoming a love doctor for Kristen and Spi101

8). LT has a famous youtube series called uprise made by KappnKrunch and Roberto.

9). LT was created January 11th 2011.

10). After it’s death in June 2013, Waterkid100 and Spi101 revived LT once again for one of it’s best generations!

11). Spi101 has left LT a total of over 20 times.

12). DrMatt is known for being the Santa Claus of LT. 

 13). Waterkid once declared war on all of the Top Ten.


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  1. Dear god… Water… Bro you need help. 0_0

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