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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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LT History

Light Troops History

The Light Troops of Club Penguin were created in March, 2011 by ioioluk. Before the Light Troops were created, they were formerly known as the Blue Miners Army. Ioioluk came up with the idea of creating the Light Troops with a couple of friends not knowing how powerful the Light Troops would become one day. The army started off small, usually averaging sizes of 20+, it only took them a few months to get fully set up and by January 2012 they began averaging sizes of 50+ on Club Penguin.

In May 2012, the Light Troops began to grow stronger and stronger, at the time, the Army Of Club Penguin were considered the biggest army on Club Penguin. The Light Troops decided to challenge them and over the course of the next seven years, they fought it out in multiple wars. In May 2012, the Light Troops dethroned the Army of Club Penguin and were considered the number one army for quite some time.

In 2013, the Light Troops had hired many leaders, these include; Roberto, Waterkid100 (Waterkid101) and Spi101. At the time, the Pirates had merged into the Light Troops and the Light Troops had left their depression which they were in in early 2013. Throughout 2013, the Light Troops engaged in many wars with multiple armies, such as; The Army of Club Penguin, the Underground Mafias Army & the Dark Warriors.

In late 2019, the Light Troops where reopened on the CPPS, CPO and is now run by Epic101 and Twaseen. The army has only had a few events since reopening but leaders say it will be as strong as before.

This information is copyrighted by the Light Troops of Club Penguin. Anyone that copies it will be sued / pressed against.

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