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Spi101 Is Not a Traitor

Spi Edit: I’d like to also mention that I was overthrown twice for absurd reasoning. One, because of a war schedule, and the another FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

Yeah. I think DW owners should be aware of the bullcrap Elmikey will spoonfeed.

Spi101 is not a traitor to the Dark Warriors. Spi101 joined the Light Troops in 2011 (I think he was in BMA in 2010). He became a DW leader in 2013 alongside Freezie to make Spreezie. Spi was in LT 2 – 3 years before being a DW leader, so how does that make him a DW traitor? He’s simply choosing his home army over the army that sold him for Elmikey and his RPF rejects.