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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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[LT Destroys Inferior Army] Legends Cup Results

As expected, we won (again). CPAC messed up with judging on numerous occasions, trying to give the Shadow Troops an advantage in other rooms but they failed as we overpowered them in every room and destroyed them. We maxed sizes of 40 once again and did amazing as always. The CPAC Judges tried ‘changing their votes’ to give the Shadow Troops the win (because the Ice Warriors want an easy final and are clearly afraid of the Light Empire) but they failed once again. Good job to all Light Troops who attended, the Semi Finals are this weekend. Shine With Victory.

The Glorious Yellow Reich Defeated the Inferior Shadow Troops and are now in the Semi Finals of the Cup!




We will be battling the Thugs on our capital Ice Box once more. We must win again. If you want memberships make sure to come to tomorrow’s battle.

Here’s the info;

Thursday February 16th 2017



Server: Ice Box|| Start Room: Ice Berg

Times: 4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM UK

Make sure to be at our HQ For live battle orders! > xat.com/LightTroopsHQ <

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Today’s Battle

Come to today’s battle for membership.

We will be giving out a ton of codes and plenty of other prizes to all Light Troops who come to today’s battle. To get prizes you must be at our HQ first though, battle orders etc will be given from our HQ. You can get to our HQ by clicking >> xat.com/LightTroopsHQ <

Live battle orders and the prizes will be given out there.

Make sure you come to the battle on time, I suggest you come to our HQ 20 minutes before the battle starts so you are not late. The battle will be lots of fun and if you’re late you’ll miss some of the fun that happens.

Here are the battle details:

Tuesday February 14th 2017



Server: Ice Box|| Start Room: Ice Berg

Times: 4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM UK


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New domain

I tried to renew our old domain but it appears that someone else has bought it. I didn’t want the Light Troops site to be lost on Google so I got a new domain (cppiratearmys.com). All Light Troops archives is still on this site.

To Tober/Epic: I’ve finally got a new working bot script, sorry it took too long. I won’t be able to lead this army now (college has resumed for me) but perhaps we can do a little Light Troops reunion next month. If you guys want to help me with getting this website back on Google then leave a comment.

Night Warriors – Sad! Toysoldier – Sad!

Wow! The haters and losers in the Night Warriors have to inflate their sizes, because they get embarrassingly low sizes – ON 5 BARS! Sad! CPAC is the real fake news!




Also, NW leader xxtoysoldier sent me some edgy messages then attempted to DDoS me! Very edgy! However, it did not work and he PCed me on Xat in an autistic fit of rage asking me why I didn’t go offline! He was very scared, believe me!

For those of you who don’t know – the NW leader xxtoysoldier is 13 years of age and also has very high functioning autism. I really do hope that he can make some friends and overcome his social anxiety, but for now good luck Toy! Sad!

Why I Believe the Light Troops are The Greatest

This post is just my opinion on why I believe the Light Troops is the greatest army to ever exist.

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Drmatt – The Wannabe Legend

Drmatt is a traitor. This kid is a joke.

Umm Drmatt, aren’t you the guy that was gonna pay hundreds for a Club Penguin Army Website legend vote?

HoF Updated

DrMatt has been removed from legend, he never really was a LT legend. Gurlygurl has been added to LT’s Hall of Fame. Congrats!

RANT: DrMatt


*This post will be deleted in a week, just wanted to get this off my chest.

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Goodbye – Final Event Results

Hey-o LT, This is surprisingly the final event of the Light Troops to have ever happened. This is…. the end….. I will miss every single one of you. It was a pleasure to be an owner in such an amazing army and especially to work with people like Waterkid, Jessie, Tober & Tot/Revan. We did well in this final battle as we maxed 40+ with good tactics. I thank everyone who came to this battle and I hope you all have good luck in your futures. Shine With Victory.

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