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221 Responses

  1. does yellow puffle count?

  2. No, you don’t need a puffle, but you can have one.

  3. ok looking forward to fight two hours to go

  4. what happens if we dont attend a battle?

  5. Hey, where do I find the uniform, ive got the hard hat and I need help with the rest.

  6. im having a hard time finding yellow footwear

  7. I’m ready to battle!!!!!

  8. were do you get the top?

  9. were do you find the top?

  10. can i have a blue skin

  11. do you have to wear your uniform 24/7

  12. Yes just wear anything yellow

  13. where is the battle

  14. I don’t have a yellow penguin, i got a blue one xd

  15. i am blue xd

  16. isn’t the bandana red?

  17. can i have gold items on me??

  18. Did I get accepted?

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